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I am not foreign with dealing with betrayal… it can happen to anyone. I post many “beware’s” because of my own experiences when walking not running through this journey call “life”.  Christ was not the exception but he told you that  his enemies were active and current even as far as sitting  at the table with him having dinner and chatting.

And get this had the nerve to kiss him.  A masterful irritation was   Judas  went the script of pretending. For me that blows me when someone goes through the “script” of pretending. 

I allow people to be who they are even if they don’t like me. Please be prepared because I am unapologetic with what will whirl from my mouth call the truth.  If you have the “testicular fortitude” of going there…Surely I can stand sure and flat-footed… I can handle the best of debates.  Although, I am safe to say, I am on the quiet side…but I do possess “holy boldness”. 

I am not this overbearing female who has to be heard but I can put my money where my mouth is! That dumb down thing doesn’t work well with me, neither do I ignore “red flags”.  I don’t let my guards down…and I don’t trust easily!  The theatrics of pretending to like someone doesn’t work well with me. I embrace God’s people not because they are always the most loving people in the world.  The agape love experience doesn’t come over night… It is a gradual.

Yet, we must be aware the “kiss of Judas” can be among friends. I know that stomach turns when you even think that it can happen on your watch. There is a difference in being an adversary and an enemy.  The adversary is someone who use to know you . The enemy doesn’t care he will hate your regardless! All the four gospels gives you their account of the low down.  Regardless of whose account he is still the enemy!

Any leader or just common folks  can tell you of many who they thought were their friends or someone they “thought loved” them … threw them under a bus! When I hear of the different stories of “alleged” so call “sellouts” I am not always sure but it can happen. No one wants anyone to know of a history of their real enemies it’s too frightening because the number might be just a little higher than you thought. Building up walls may not be the answer but having them high enough will help! th (6)

The controversy of whether Dr. Martin Luther King’s photographer and friend,  Dr. Ernest Withers sold him out… by releasing information on Dr. King and other

Who knows?

Well in 2013,The “FBI” released and claims they have documented proof… that  Mr. Wither, was  this “alleged” paid  FBI informant from 1958 to 1972.

Mr. Withers who was  free lance photographer during the 50’s and during the Civil Rights Movement. Had collected over 60 years of  many black and white photos the world including that  of the ugly head of  racism.

Even if there is evidence  will the public believe or will they really care? I can’t always dismiss things because the bulk of people love to believe in the fairytale. Dr. King had lot of enemies and he might be considered being one to himself.  I am very vocal about Coretta Scott King may have held more of this Civil Rights Movement together than one might believe. She probably saw more of the monsters than he did. Her insight was fascinating to me even in her silence spoke volumes! 

History and others like to dismiss that Dr. King had  spiritual warfare like any other human being. Whether Dr. Ernest Withers was a friend or foe we can safely say that we can’t always dismiss the truth because it’s unbearable to think of and to hear. Lately people love to worship  heroes until something takes the air out of the balloon. Like all of us who have experience betrayal…it is always the ones who can’t bear the thought of it! 

“God warns… the ignorance in babysitting your enemies…. If l know better we wont be dining together or working with me”. 

I think it’s safe to say we need to stop jumping on the bandwagon of this great conspiracy against people we admire or adore. Although sometimes they just might be lies but often the truth. They are simply mere mortals with flaws! Take people off of personal mountain tops and start assessing things with some common sense and with character.  It’s not all the time that the majority rules!

All because one ” idol worship” an individuals doesn’t mean he or she is incapable of doing the unthinkable! I have just learn to pay attention without my opinions. The truth will come out whether people can handle the TRUTH IS ANOTHER STORY!