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I am trying to be clear and get this understanding when someone doesn’t thJBETNZX0agree then a person goes into disrespect mode. 

Speaking from my own experiences first.  I am a little taken back with the lack of respecting  or being respected in this country as a whole. 

I believe that our society set a lot of this foolishness in motion.  Freedom of expression should have some limits. Unfortunately, many laugh when it’s not funny, and scratch in places where there is no itching. What exactly are the examples being set?  I am amazed at the double mindedness of many of our leaders. In one breath we say respect in another way we show the disrespect. 

Many males believe it’s a guy thing to teach our sons to  “Girl Call”. Yet, if he doesn’t then his sexuality is in question?


This “ego” and “pride” thing is so overrated and disproportioned.  On one hand we want our men to stand up to be men all the time training them to be whores. Women are no better!  I would appreciate a man to teach my son how to be a “gentle man and not a caveman.

How many times have our ” young men” been taught how to disrespect women? Do you have to wonder why there is so much anger and so much violence?

Even if a man is the hunter , and provider… We still are not holding many for not being accountable to stand up and just  be a man… PERIOD!

Players in training, notches on your belt and swag is not indication that you have class. Unfortunately sperm donors are everywhere but can you be a man and a responsible Father.  It’s amazing how so many are so shock how this country is sinking fast with morals and standards… Setting the ignorance in motion as if we wont reap the harvest.  We have dropped the ball either for allowing this go on …or being apart of the nonsense!  Freedom of expression is also Russian Roulette.  Yes, I  have that free will but I would like to honor people with respect.

We need to respect one another more…there are some things that should have a stopping point or a breaking point.  Our society light is dimming a little bit more with every generation but look around at the moral decay and the indecency.

A sad day is when our families are destroyed because of the lack of foundation in sheer compassion, in just wanting to keep the family together. It’s time we make better decisions about who we call mentors, and what others accept as leadership.

Now days when someone if offended….violence is the answer instead of a good debate or great conversation.  So often, I never hear the power of love but I see everything that annihilate the family structure with all the junk that has been allowed to run rampant. Men are the prophets of their homes. The lack thereof is almost embarrassing if not unbelievable.  Many have gratified their own sexual and material desires…leaving the family without the proper covering. Therefore you see the spiritual attacks on the family as a whole and it starts with the factor that many are not trained to be today to be anything but responsible.

We have lost honor  and respect because we have sheltered the lies instead of confronted them. Chivalry is still alive in my world…PLEASE… Train my sons to be men and not heathens!