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One of my favorite and highly decorated Oscar-winning actor with  lots  of awards… Mr  Kevin Costner.

He tackles some hard-core truth about race relations. He is one of the few who didn’t mind being open about his upbringing with the ignorance within his race… then and now in this country. Unless you have been living under a rock… There is still no real hard dialogue regarding ” mixed” races and those of us who had to conquer many stereotypes and being stuck in between. thYGK194FO

In his new movie with Oscar Winner Octavia Spencer ( The Help) … Black and White about the custody of their (mixed) granddaughter and how cultural wars and differences  clouds our better judgment. 

thX7GG3YB7I was excited about the movie because there  are a  lot of things many tend to skip around when discussing how difficult it is dealing with the “living in between. 

I thank  Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer who had the “courage” to take it all there!

The movie opens January 30, 2015…