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MATTHEW 4:8-9…Again, satan took him to a high mountain and showed him all the “Kingdoms” of the world and their glory… He said all of this can be yours if just  “fall” down and worship “ME”…

Did you ever wonder why satan had to take Christ to highest mountain?… Can you imagine how beautiful it seems from the “top”….Hmmm? What exactly is your point when people are actually questioning if your God is  for real?  It’s not what anyone is saying it’s what the world witnesses!

Let’s not get this thing “twisted” … I am not up for sell. I am more connected than one might think. I don’t have kiss tail or chase it.  I know a greater power that doesn’t come from man…

I don’t have to bed down  a whole city or get in bed with wicked men physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually. I don’t go along with unsound doctrine,  lack of moral fiber in character, integrity and or the truth . God blessed me with  a brain. I use it!  

I don’t have to lie or  mess over people to obtain positions  and certain political ties through deceptions.  I don’t give lies colors. Whites lies or those lies told with your mouth shut.  I am not bent over for people to walk my back or walk my face. I stand up! 

There is a fake Social Justice and this particular “Social Justice” prefer the money and the greed of being in the social know… Too many puppets  posted up like fools hitting the red carpet and all of this  other foolishness.  They really believe in giving a few verses of the bible to justify their self indulgences.

The  wisdom of God, fear of God and sheer common sense is what the church honestly lacks. Forget God because the honest truth is that some are caught up in religion more  than a sincere relationship with God.  God’s people are never benefitting… and to be quite honest, most of  his people lack “true covering from leaders who “say” they are called to minister.  Ministry is about service not you being  served.  Pride and ego have no place in a servant of God . Let me make myself clear… When you “fall” to the madness…If you have problems being corrected and adore being the people’s “idol”.

Of course no one is perfect,..but I prefer truth over deception and  liars any day!

I have never in my life seen so many people who are more concerned with  being more of “celebrity status”  than a man or woman of God. Status might come because of … but staying close to the real of everlasting life matters most.

More and more I see “self gratifying” is what is so soul satisfying.  Who cares about a humble heart now days people care more about being connected materialistically and posting “selfies” Sound real mature doesn’t it? 

This craziness that I see on a daily basis is no more than the flesh on steroids. Some of this garbage has nothing to do with God and way over the top!  Power is hypnotic…but a strong prayer life keeps us  out of this zone after lusting after the things of the flesh!

Satan offered Jesus the world… Why didn’t he take it? Because Christ knew something about satan and all his devices! They were only tricks with temporary power connections.

Some men and women of God need to be in other arenas and get out of the church and get out of  pulpit. Playing the games that  the people play is dangerous. God has an agenda… and trust me what he called us to comes with a higher price.  You don’t have to auction off your souls for your ministries.

Why are so many leaders taking the bait and carrot?… POWER STRUCK AND THE ADDICTION TO BE SEEN IS SO UNBELIEVABLE.   As if Jesus gets off the throne to give it to you!   Seriously, we are headed for more trouble especially in the church house.

People are  plotting and scheming, and sleeping their way to make head weight… To get in tune and rub elbows with more devils is almost mind-blowing… They want to be “elite” and or grand… Trust me if this nonsense doesn’t stop…God  has something so grand that I can guarantee it will never be forgotten…It’s called Judgment!

Many so-called “Christians” no better but deal with dirty and murky people in politics anyway…

How stupid is this? Games are games … and unfortunately… everybody isn’t sold out to be men and women of God… but use God’s house to fraternize with social cliques, hidden agendas… and the who’s who!

I will shout it to the rooftops! There is something terribly wrong when any kind of leader of the gospel…go along with the lies and deal with questionable individuals to make his or her point to pursue  POWER!

HONESTLY, what capacity  will a “deceiver”  serve will be the next question? Liars will lie… just like a fake will be more pronounce to be a fake!  Power enhances the behavior not improves it!

No… everyone isn’t doing God’s business better yet many have their agendas and use the church as a lightning rod to do  their wretched causes!!  I have  such a great disdain for those who have lied, connived, and or manipulated  to get in political positions, pulpits or use their influence to fatten frogs for snakes… You heard me…SNAKES! 

“Get ready… I REFUSE TO KEEP QUIET OR DUMB DOWN but I am getting ready to go  FULL THROTTLE”

All preachers are not crooks but one have to wonder what ministry steps on God’s people for popularity. God’s agenda and his plan is really kicked to the curve….the maniacal people who use the church to do their dirty dealings got just enough church know how to build nest in the people’s head.

How much of what is done is really to help the people or their soggy positions or careers? Don’t you dare believe that God is on their minds when getting all involved in the snake pits!  

Personally,  I am pretty irritated with the “manure” that goes on in the name of God! Most of this demonic jesters could care less about what happens to God’s people. I have no idea why people leave their brains at home when they to church. Being spiritual doesn’t make you a doormat but more aware that all this junk that goes on has nothing to do with God. 

Power and popularity is front and center and yet the game is,  if the people get serve I get two points from “Jesus”. I don’t advocate the water down gospel to push any fleshly agendas political or otherwise!   

I am almost sicken with the idea that people ARE NOT AFRAID OF THE WRATH OF GOD when they are telling lies on him! God isn’t  behind most of some of these”  fake Christians and or Believers!  

 I believe people really need to  assess their will versus God’s will. In their hearts many know what they are doing isn’t right, so they justify with their ploys of doing all these  good things instead of  being Godly right!

True repentance isn’t asking God for forgiveness…knowing in your heart you aren’t going to change! What you are doing is more important than coming to some kind of order?

Unfortunately many of the graveyards are full of people who missed God … with so-called good intentions but with the wrong heart!