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ODD… For some,  one minute in this country we are protesting about peace, protection and injustices… The next minute we usurp authority and walk for total hypocrisy!  Which way do we really want it?

Although, when someone presents the truth in comparison  to this country with the  hypocrisy we are  then called everything except American. 

ODD… When someone has “allegedly” committed a criminal act. It’s not our job to put a time slot on when someone has a violated the law or others have to remain silent about it. All because it’s not done in a timely manner in which we respect…does it make it untrue?

The majority doesn’t always mean it’s all truth either! I pray that we don’t ignore that  the caution light is on in this zone.  I would have to be wise enough to ask whether I agree or disagree… to ask God to show me what the truth really is!

Yes, it requires courage and openness to where the truth really is! 

ODD…How come  some always believe that God pardons and wont judge others picks and  “favorite” people ? In honesty some have premeditated sins, and know something is questionable, all the while others are publicly stoned with harsh words and condemnation!

ODD…How can we rebuke others for the negative and wrong  behavior in some does and then there is room for err with  personal puppets and clones?

What would Jesus really say about that?

ODD… How are  certain Hip-Hop Rappers are rebuked for their negativity of portraying what they experience in life? While some get the “mentor” and a role model  pass for represented anything else except a lady? Gyrating sex acts and with raunchy lyrics… But she is then labeled as “queen” and beautiful…Queen to whom and where is the beauty when you are promoting soft porn to our girls? Where is the beauty in believing everything that is between your legs is gold? Better yet, in this country what is called prostitution and big pimping in certain arenas. But if a  whole lot of zeros is behind the name…It’s called entertainment!

Are you following me?

What’s with the double talk and the double standards? It’s okay for some to lie and scheme  with  quiet rebukes so I know there is no real love for truth or change… 

For others there is this  silent mode to get rid of the Peacemakers and the Truth tellers. By overlooking what is obvious in your face. Some even foolishly believe some way or some how God will co-sign on people’s bad choices and sheer madness.

Carrying  a darn sign doesn’t make you  correct with God nor politically correct… It has nothing to do with what is  in line with the truth ! No more than you being parked in a garage makes you ” a reliable ” vehicle. Helping dire situations is not always about publicity stunts to keep your name in lights. God rewards many people who know how to handle what is distributed to them by God. Pimping comes in many forms!

Who can know the heart of any human being. I watch the fruit!  Apples trees are not producing oranges… or in reverse.  Hypocrisy, and compromise is something this country is so well rehearsed in.  When we willingly turn the other way and not confront things get ready …it will confront you…even if it is 20 years later.

Some people got lots of monsters that many can’t handle if reputations are tarnished. It’s this kind of thinking that exposes all of us. Can you really handle the truth?  This is why I don’t agree with the body cameras… we are already in denial …What good is the truth in your face or in your faith?  Some people have lived with the lies of delusions for so long that they can’t get  a grasp on reality. Somehow the fairy tales lives on forever in their heart and minds.  Don’t be surprise some people cherish the lies they know and walk in. It’s when God shed light to expose them that they now think about remembering the gift giver!

Look at it…We make up rules in this country as we go!

Sin is sin and wrong is wrong.

Yet, many break out with their ignorant rebuttals without careful thoughts. It’s okay that we allow “urban terrorists” to roam free…While allowing others to come to this country to get educated on how to destroy us? What a slap in the face when I see and see the hypocrisy even from the pulpits to government.

Why are members of the clergy preaching and teaching anything and then expose themselves in public? No more than we protest about the dirty cops don’t get me started on some of these low down dirty pastors and priests?

Apologizing  faintly doesn’t help the “healing process” when the wrong is in your face and the leaders ignore it…What lies many tell…knowing it’s wrong but you go along with it anyway. So much for the little god in you…

This in fact pours salt in the wounds and will “never” eliminate or alleviate  the mental anguish  and pain of someone’s perverted and deviant nature.  Oh! Don’t think that  I am going to let anything “slip” the radar. 

I wish some people get wise enough to declare  “war” on evil across the board. Since there is the uproar about police brutality and every other injustice in this country. We still have a problem with telling the truth about some of the mob that wear “robes”.

This country will never see prominent change  for the better if we first don’t start exposing all the monsters and promoting the truth.  There I are smorgasbord protest always in the country…which amazes me. There are things that many of our spineless leaders wont touch. 

ODDLY. when confronted about dealing with what go on on their watch… No answers…instead they tuck their “real tails” and hide the truth.  Many will lead the protest on confusion and rebellion without a clear policy and or agenda.

Clearly many have dropped the ball…Silence is still a cowards position when you should have a spine to attempt to stand up! I have learned that evil is often perfumed and dolled up  by the murky leaders of today!

Evil is evil… but,…But removes everything what others truly believe in the first place.  That we really can’t trust anyone but God!