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My private  pain  with some of the things I have recently experienced with discrimination, some very frightening encounters with jealousy and hatred. Within the last few years within my personal circle, nothing was more scary to find out just how much someone hated me and anyone connected to me and did just anything to bring me pain!

You may “think” that you have some idea who is capable of doing what.  Some people are so mentally disturbed that you can’t begin to grasp just how far they will go harm anyone.

But what if it’s family member, your child you have given birth to? Or better yet, one you might feel has your best interest or got your back … but sold you out! 

I think what is beyond human comprehension to find out their plots and plans to rid of you. And they just might be the one that has said … “I love you”.  Often times we “sleep” within our private circles saying it will get better and it doesn’t. With this kind of pain and upset… only God and time can heal this kind of wound. The wounds that have had through lies of others and betrayal it’s when I decided to forgive and let it go…but I watch you!

If you listen to the news just in the country alone … There are a lot of “angry” people who have this spirit of murder. When you hear of children murdering their parents… parents murdering their own children.  I know it’s hard but it’s happening! 

When I found out that someone who  was apart of  my life was “trying” to  sabotage me behind my back with all kinds of  cruel  horrific demonic things. I was floored!

It had taken someone who didn’t know me well to bring it home for me.  She was my “mail lady”. She had enough sense to warn me about something she said she didn’t have to pray about but  she had to do something so that I knew how to confront some things and protect myself. 

Now, we all know people who never stand up for you and make excuses why they don’t. She didn’t need pray to speak up.  My heart was broken  because I loved the person and did so much for them.   Never did I want to believe but I did… God warned me through a dream!  I went through all the stages of grief!

I know that God will strategically put people in our path to help us. And we are terribly dismayed with those who we “thought” would be there. Cowards out!  I grew stronger because I had to stand alone but I am even more careful of what I profess. or believes …Loves me back!

It was my mail lady who confirmed my suspicion with a private matter that I was at the right place at the right time to listen what a stranger told me. 

To get to the point.  The betrayal went so far back  and I  had to take  the time to do my own investigation into it. God had given me some instrumental and powerful people to look into more  matters.  As the truth unfolded… I was devastated!

 To know just how much I was hated and the person stopped at nothing to “try” to  destroy me and my reputation… I wanted to shut down but instead… I had to trust God when the grounds I thought I knew were shaky and unfamiliar. Because the reality was and still is ... I didn’t have clue how sick the person was mentally.

The pain in my chest was heavy,   I kept so busy with my schedule, I would start out with a vigorous work out… and still at the end of the day, night was coming because that’s when you feel the most pain.  I  nearly cleaned everything I could find until I would pass out.

Yet, nothing is helping more than my relationship with God and my prayer life. Although, I never trusted the individual the pain wasn’t any less!

My story is much deeper and it hasn’t quite ended .  This is all can share because many things are still currently  being investigated!   I had my moments because the pain  of knowing people will  come in your life pretending, they sit at you dinner table, and go to church with you…share family events and so on…

To know someone hated me in this fashion was scary because of the theatrics and all the roles that they played. It was really my discernment that stopped me from hurt more than this. I watched and paid attention.  

 It was my experience  with my mother about  keeping who I was to myself, and refrain from talking a lot which is something I have never been good at.

In all honestly because I am private… There was nothing to  work with but the person’s lies and their wicked workings.  My plea…God might not send a mail lady…but God will give you signs that something is off. Too many people are dying senselessly because they have “slept” on what they believe is harmless behavior…  Love has always been an action word… so is hatred!