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The little cute bundle of joy has turned into a nightmare.  How many times have I seen the drama unfold… And you find out the a child has had bad behavior all their lives? Yet, here comes the parents swearing that “Little Jimmy and Big Betty” were good people until they unthinkable happen…They are on television or posted up for the police and community WANTED… “selfies”.

Unfortunately I will admit when you hear that your child has done something so way off base you have then wonder where did it all go wrong.   There are some people who just have a hard time believing  that they have a terrorist or a serial killers in their home.

Oh no… She is a wonderful person…He is an honor student… Okay!  What did you really miss? Many times they have had  a history of being deviant but their people love denial.  Their minds wont even allow them to feel this way about their “bad babies”. 

I have seen how parents reward the bad behavior…They prefer being the child’s friend instead of  parent.  You think? I have seen these folks actually beg the child to take them back like jilted lover for correcting them.  “Mommie sorry”… can you forgive me?


And then I have seen some people go as far for the child  not to be no longer angry with them… and buy material things to compensate their child being angry …

Well, I guess by now if your child stayed with me they will feel that they are at a  boot camp. I am not rewarding or compromising myself for a brat.  Now that if you don’t like your parents…murder them. Somebody better listen to me. This post may not be for everyone but the selective few who failed at being a parent. Children will be only what they are allowed to be!

Yes, let “Little Jimmy”…hit their parents back… let “Big Betty” express herself all girls are hormonal…Hey people…check the back of their heads! Does “666” ring a bell? Where did this nonsense come from? 

What are we co-signing on when some have allowed their children to raise themselves or they are allowed to sit in with the parents like their equal. Praying to God that they will like you someday?  REALLY?

I say when a mother has a broken arm from her child what does this mean? When a child “spits” in his mother’s face and this means what?  This is far from being a momma’s boy more like the anti- Christ!  The craziness that we have co-signed on as great parenting skills….Sucks! 

When terrorist groups are impressionable for our teenagers it’s a wake up call to monitor what they are entertaining. Disrespect in this country is the new parent for our children. What we call mentoring and roles models already have me at a lost but not for words,

 When children  actually get  with  people with more structure they can’t handle it because it “REQUIRES”! Everything is about just being FREE with no primary boundaries set in place. Your son or daughter is experience the world alright!  

If I had any kind of common sense… Freedom has it price and too much freedom without a boundary has its disadvantages!

We are taught this foolishness and it’s never been biblical…We want to always say good things about bad people…If its’ good it’s good…if it’s bad …look out reality is coming sooner, if not later! Your abusiveness didn’t just start all because your child is having a bad day. When a parent is murdered normally that has been a lot of turbulence especially when they shift into teen years… I’m sorry but the disrespecting should never be allowed… And guess what sometimes the bad behavior starts with the weak parenting!