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As if you haven’t heard enough junk already! They are saying  that all the previous diets that they said were good for us are now bad for us. Fat isn’t the problem anymore… neither is sugar! Eat meat… and so on! (Whew)

I love to do  research and study history. The intrigue of what you might discover is what fascinates me the most.  It’s not that someone doesn’t know about it but it creates this awareness.to bring it to the forefront. You will be surprised at what people are not aware of!

Is it me or have you really noticed all the things that many called “old wise tales” are proven to be true in some kind of way?  When I had some health challenges of my own I had to do my  own homework with my health and nutrition… Have you also notice that many things people challenged in the medical industry are founded to be false?  So they ease the truth. We have more attorneys going to for the gusto in lawsuits for misrepresentation of many medicines.

I had to speak with a Nutritionist and I found out that most Doctors are not as studious on nutrition.  Likewise during my own discovery I realize that we are fed a many lies when it comes to drugs and alternative medicines.  I will take the “Holistic” way any day over drugs that have so many side effects! And because I am into health and fitness. There were many things in past studies that told us not eat this or that. That they are now recanting.  

There are many who challenge the pharmaceutical industry about many different things that we put in our bodies instead of telling is how to correct with simple cures  along with prevention. Instead we are pumped up with more drugs and discouraged from the truth!

I remember when my brother told me he had “high blood pressure”… I didn’t believe it… I knew my brother was physically in good shape and overall he still played basketball and workout on a regular.

Well, I told him to ask his doctor to check his blood pressure when he leaves the doctor’s office. And true enough he had no high blood pressure. Many people get high blood pressure going to the doctor it’s called “white coat blood pressure”.

Yes, I believe in physicians but sometimes we will know more of what’s wrong than they do. We are merely textbook cases.  When you can find a good doctor that listens and cares. You got a winner! Other than that, we still have some Doctors  who are just awful.  

My point… remember when Grandma told us that this wasn’t bad for you and this was good for you.  Seemingly Grandma was right all the time.  The foolishness of it all is that we have more technology and know how than ever and still they know so much until it’s not mounting up to very much. 

I don’t think I want anyone telling me or a foolish survey telling me  the good and bad of bathing. I think that’s a common sense move. Some need to bathe more, some might need to shower less…But as for me I believe I will wash as deemed necessary!