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pfleger-march-0304Everyone thanks Pastor Pfleger, who rented out two theaters for anyone to go see the movie “Selma” this weekend.  It was remarkably well put together and just in time  for the “The Dr. Martin Luther King” weekend celebrations. 

The movie” Selma” wasn’t  just a ” Hollywood” version of what someone thought or cosmetically  thrown history together.  Sorry, for those who criticizes that the movie did no justice… I disagree

1) It stirred up  another level of discomfort

2) It agitating those who always about talk and no-show

3) It reminded many people of the level of ignorance and sleep walking while rights are being taken away

4) Even for the critics it puts them back in the books of history that told the truth.

5)Selma  should have served as reminder  to the people who do this for the game of being posted up, or brownie points …People sacrificed and died that we can begin to make head weight through the challenges and frustration of discrimination of every kind! 

caf9c7e9576a6699e79ff7756331c9d32e080e98David  Oyelow,  is no stranger to great acting and his craft… An “Oscar” might be nice but cannot define gifts and talents of this kind in his artistry!  He is definitely on the map for a game changer in messiness of Hollywood!

Kudos to the entire cast who did a phenomenal job at bringing history to life…  and Producers Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt…. 

Lastly for the ignorant folks who rant about another so-called “black movie”… I really can’t dignify your ignorance with a response! No one can deny history…I have seen many movies with fine actors of every kind of  ethnic group… but I have never heard of  a “white, red, brown, or yellow movie”…  It’s time we take a better assessment of just how ignorant “you” are.  Afro Americans had to be soldiers in the time when people said that there was no war!  Careful, this is why movies like this should be made to remind us just how far we “haven’t  come!