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I recently went to shop to get my eye brows threaded. I have been going to this place faithfully over a year. I had known that  one of the owners who just hated me when she saw me.   No rhyme no reason…her jealousy isn’t nothing  I haven’t experienced before!

The rest of the staff …always greeted me with  kindness.  Yet, this I knew that every now and then I would change-up and go elsewhere because this woman’s hatred of me was so off the meter and so unnecessary.

Needless to say I saw her work her “nastiness” with some of the other employees and they didn’t seem to waver towards me. I knew it was sheer racism and jealousy… Many were always glad to see me when I would stop by but I saw something in her  and I needed to stay on guard. 

She hadn’t been there and her husband shared she was expecting their second child…

So, about a week ago I went into this shop… and all the staff wished me  a belated “Happy Birthday”…His wife lost it…  And trust me I wasn’t in the mood for the nonsense… People came by and heard her ranting in her “native tongues”… He was so embarrassed that he had to escort her to back to the office.  Needless to say, this isn’t something foreign to me… I knew at that point “yet again”… that this can’t be place to get my services anymore.  Unfortunately this is always my “yet again”!

Her jealousy wasn’t anything new for me… this is something I am faced with on a daily even among my own.  That internal racism stings even more.

Your patience for this garbage  starts to wane.  I personally deal with  jealousy and racism…more than ever in my middle age than most of my childhood. The cruelty among women has never stopped. Live one day in my shoes you will be taken back at the ignorant behavior especially among  women my age… And don’t get me started on the real  insecure women single, and married…

 I learned that mean girls turn into mean women!  The foolishness and hatefulness  that “women” can be just as petty and just as racists!  If you think it’s not an issue  and I anm not the only who endured a lot of hatred by “mean girls” and bullies growing up.  And here is a sad reality they are even middle age and still act in this manner. You have to experience this to understand where especially  a woman who is of mixed race goes through!This is one of the best documentaries I have seen on racism  with our race.  How do we deal with internal racism this will depict what it feels like and what our “experiences ” are from childhood to adulthood!

Watch the video…