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In all honesty, I do understand the purpose of the police covering all grounds to protect themselves from  danger and fruitless lawsuits with these new body cameras.  I commend every last good cop in this country.

But I am a little apprehensive on how much good will it do for us as a concerned  citizens with some bad policing .  With all the police brutality cases how many are really victorious with the victims of the thugs in uniform?

I respect every good  police officer but we must come to some serious conclusion about just how justice is very distorted. And you’re right… it’s the not the cops that’s getting the people off…it’s our faulty judicial system.

The justice system isn’t working that well and it never has.  I do have a very poor belief about the American Justice System period. Too many things are overlooked when it comes to those who suffer.  

I see how it follows the letter when “the system” wants to destroy you but how do you recover when the justice system has hurt you and failed you?

 It’s almost insulting to pick jurors without any prejudices because some do. As we know there are always one that can sense the truth more than others. It’s at this point  he or she is  made to be the bad guy because they want to re-examine facts before wrongfully convicted someone.

You wonder why so many in jail for crimes that they didn’t commit.   How many “lawsuits” against the law systems even locally with so many mistakes? It brings tears to my eyes to see someone release from prison after serving many years for crimes they never committed? 

I normally “watched” their faces and it grieves my spirit to see that they try to pretend that they don’t feel lost.  What kind of ugly did they face all because someone judges you by their own insecurities and prejudices?

What I simply find almost mind-blowing is that  we are going to trust who with these cameras?   Many are already struggling just to face the truth  so, having these cameras are going to beneficial to whom? 

How many times have people had video tapes of events when the so-called “police” was doing more harm than protecting?  Excuse me if I think this is a little off balanced for me to grasp. Cameras are everywhere yet, still the truth of the  cameras are still not holding up in court.  So, does this mean that the many more” thug uniformed cops” will get away with more murders and brutality?

And I have to wonder if some of these  people in our Judicial system  are taking payoffs? How can anyone not be “angry” when the  laws in this country seems to protect the real thugs while many lie in the street in their own blood because of the police brutality and miscarriages of justice?

What in the world  can these cameras bring  when many seem to ignore the truth and its up close and personal.   I pray that  more trouble  wont come behind these cameras. People are tired of tainted system. 

If no  one seems to  mind that we have had some police officers  who are racists and ruthless!  I respect every man and woman in uniform… that serves and protect and take their jobs seriously… but for those “selective monsters” that have the nerve to put on a uniform that hurt, maim, murder and abuse power… I am really concerned just how the body cameras might “still” work in your favor instead of ours!