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Alrighty then?

I stand to be corrected but I am a bit concerned… Is it me or does President Obama seem to have the most oddest situations to happen during his tenancy and on their watch? 

Is it not also strange that everything seems to get pass everyone and then the blame game begins and then someone is either resigning or being fired quietly?

I hope that we don’t keep our “eyes” shut to all that seems to happen with this “particular” President  and his administration?  I have no idea what the American public don’t know but it doesn’t take a scientist to know that many  continue to  abandon ship and hide internal problems!

Sorry, the American people are not  that blind!

In all due respect Mr. President… I honestly believe that we are dismissing too many incidences and call them coincidences. Everything isn’t a  coincidence and some great conspiracy but I know something isn’t quite right either…

I sense the waters are being tested and a quite frequently here lately!

Since when do people and things seem to land at the White House… on “test runs?”  It comes up suspect to me! I wouldn’t sleep on  all these so called situations that have been geared to bring embarrassment or to see just how far one can go!

I know that some might not like President Obama… and he honestly has just as many “undercover” haters as he does admirers.  History has a way of showing us… what can happen on someone’s lazy watches.

Drones and any other object that seems to land at his address is disturbing.  It’s not proven to be a “omen”  but it is showing me… the relax atmosphere of others when it comes to him and protecting him. No, You can’t give in to any fear but you better be wise!

It gives me a bad vibe and I am not going to sleep  or be too afraid  to write or speak…on what is becoming more and more bolder for other  to do! Many might not feel that he and his family doesn’t need prayers and encouragement.  I ask… What leaders doesn’t?

Evil comes in many different forms.

Often history has shown us  that  most betrayal comes from inside. No, everyone isn’t up for sale when it comes to Commander And Chief but everyone still isn’t sold out on a “black” President either.

You and I already know that many still believe that the world isn’t that well cultural diversified to see a man or woman of color in such power even if their educational and professional resume’s are impressive.

Yes, I do believe that many work hard at making him seems as if he has missed it and he that he is too remedial to run this country. All “white ” people are not always smart , no more than all blacks are just “dumb”.

Although, no one likes to reflect on previous administrations and their “bad” decisions. Racism is so much apart of this …which is interesting to me… It’s never really talked about but always shown.

No, I haven’t co-signed on many things that the President advocates but above all I know he  still the President of the United State who is a husband and also a father… Keep him in your prayers!