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Can you believe in this day and age … there are some men who “still” have problems with women in the pulpit?  I know the tricks and the games people play especially with the altar charades. I think it’s quite foolish personally.

However, if you really have a pattern and understanding of what God desires the book in which we call the bible  this would be instrumental and quite directional for the people who loathe or intimidated by strong women in the pulpit.  

Therefore I understand why men are the head but do they understand what it means to be the head?

To be honest when you understand why “men” are placed as “Priests and Prophets” of their houses. A woman’s fight is never with the male but he must by God’s standards to be recognized. If a man fails to meet these standards I believe it’s in this mode that God has to send someone to get the job done to restore the man… So who said that it has to be a man?  

It’s really amazing that a man can bed down half a city he is then a “stud, bachelor or player”… REALLY? Because he too is a tramp, whore and might be considered a “bastard”. No, it’s not an insult it’s all in the book that many are ministering without …Called the bible. 

Let’s define…

WHORE… A prostitute …Sexually promiscuous,  one who has compromised themselves for personal gain in exchange for MONEY.  ( Read Revelations 17)

TRAMP…To wander aimlessly, loose morals ( 2 Timothy 4:3-4)

BASTARD…Resembling someone but not really as such, not genuine, a person who is mean and contemptible,  a person born without either parent being married to each other.  ( Read Deuteronomy 23:2, Hebrews 12:5-9)

Yet the double standard  is…If a woman is to  philander and do the same she is almost categorically called a “whore” … that’s it and that’s all. Her reputation is smeared.  Now lets bring it closer to home…

When a man’s ego gets in the way of God he is considered the new American idol to the public but to God he is then called “rebellious. In the bible many fail to lead by example and  seem to get around doing and being God’s word .He is then influenced to power trip even with one’s ego! 

Resumes in the pulpit… who are they really for? It doesn’t exemplify that you are servant of God it merely shows just how impressive that he desires to be and steals God’s glory! Disclosing your accolades does what for God?  Did you testify about all that he has done for you to get to the accolades?

I could recall my own “little” battle with “Bishops” when I desired to be one. As I matured with God I didn’t have to bull doze people and exalt myself…the power came when I humbled myself before men and God. The more I moved forward with the title of Bishop God moved on my behalf. You see, cleaning the church toilet is too much for many of these guys who say they love God most would downright insulted if one was to ask to clean a bathroom. I wouldn’t.  Because I learned slowly that it was the “very” low places that God lifted me! 

I am not a person who cherish the limelight because often if you are not consecrated with levels of power …. you will begin to “power trip. Many spiritually abuse power because many are small behind it.  So therefore, they must be large and in charge.  Power is addictive and  it opens the door for more trouble than you can handle and becomes source where you might believe that you are a “legend in your own mind”. I can almost sense when very little time is “really” with God because they are in their own way!

You want to see just how many “egos” are more in charge of pulpit… Get in their way of how they must be in control!  God doesn’t need cheerleaders and yet this is the ignorant concept of most ministries.  If things are not done with  the right heart it’s all done for nothing! The skinny on these reality shows and these pumped up leaders.  There is no such reality shows that will ever show  your true light. It’s all apart of the game of who is going to be powerful and popular. Since when does a man or woman on an island full of who he or she will be bed down is anyone’s reality? The lie of this reality… this isn’t called dating looking for marriage. 

I have yet to see any reality star living in the present preachers or non preachers. It’s about what get the attention and holds enough to make money on what a fool believes and cherishes! The reality about being a Christian is hardly shown in church and you think a show is going to do what?

The reality is this… It’s almost hilarious but yet hypocritical in many instances. It is pumped and prime to bring others to Christ and what ministries go through but that’s so far from what is the real dirt behind this kind of cheerleading for the gospel. Yeah right!

We say one thing but promote the illegitimacies in this world. Venereal  Diseases, social ills, violence and all  this other nonsense stems from PRIDE… AND REMEMBER THE “I’ IS IN THE MIDDLE!

Sadly, some nurse  the foolishness with  ignorant choices to be successful and trying  to get ahead. If they can’t do anything else the money talks and the manure runs the marathon and we know it,. The reality is most of the reality crap starts out genuine but a far cry from what is the real TRUTH!

In the same bottle  pride and egos  comes out  of … many  dine and drink on more accessories that opens the door to more dysfunction and sins!