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Unfortunately when  unjust pay cuts , lay offs and cutbacks… are occurring in someone else’s neck of the woods it seems less important until it happens to them or they are place in a rock and hard place. I hate to be the cold glass of “ice water” . Illinois puts the “crook” in being crooked”. 

Stop sleeping…many of them pitch their spill on what they will do. In fact, may of them really don’t care what happens to God’s people. Introducing  more  troubles  to  this state  for more revenue with  the likes of gambling. The other snare how a fresh new face  without the hard-core truth about the current state of Illinois…Experience is really needed with pending  pertinent matters.

 I don’t think care how people think I am too raw with the truth. Nonetheless many of these politicians will fatten a frog for a snake. You’d be surprise who has sold their souls to the devil for a position and or greed. Yes, I have heard all the nonsense before… they are going to be the next power hitters and wont hit A THING! Many of them start out with a lot of gas… and run out when certain carrots are dangling in their faces!

People are either too lazy, and uncaring and unconcerned when bringing exposure to many things that will affect us as citizens.  Some people are in a comatose state of mind when it comes to the slippery slopes of government. I don’t trust “many” of them!

What soap box is there to get off of…especially…when the rich and powerful own the box that the soap is in? Everything in Illinois isn’t up for sale and some are that sold out either!

Many ,many times, I have advocated for all of us to stand watch on what the State Of our all governments was proposing quietly. Taking rights and making cuts all the while increasing their pockets.

Words I spoke just 4 years ago… is so back in our faces…   It fell on deaf ears. 

I am sad that we are at this point when many things could have offset with just coming strong to the polling places and stop going along with a lot of hype! I am not a novice when it comes to protesting and getting policy changed!  All the budding up and rubbing nose and smoothing furs won’t pacify the people who will suffer the most. 

I had to warn family members a few years ago don’t take this lightly and  they  did!th (2)

 I had loved ones who were in the Chicago Public School and other State Agencies who continue to “sleep” on the job and when budget talks begin little by little they introduce their book of bull.

Foolishly believing as if this can’t happen to them. What a darn shame that it is now down to the wire that we must see even the poor struggle even some more and how these cuts will put us all on top of each other living wise.

I recall I  had youth employment programs growing up… I had a job. We are always dealing with more violence and homelessness. Violence will become apart of the means to survival. People must have employment to secure the stability of their homes.  Daycare is very important when you can barely afford childcare let alone trust your children in the hands of other. There is great pressure to do something. Finances  is already a problem continue yet, if we continue  to put people in corner to survive it will breed sets of trouble no matter what neighborhood you live in.

 And don’t you be naïve to believe that “middle class” aren’t struggling with more  cost of living! Cuts hurt all of us some type of way… It will still fall back on us.  Too many  are too complacent with  certain people being in  political positions. 

Guess what? 

Every one cares until … they get in office! You better begin to roll up your sleeves to fight back. Protesting is one way … petitions and policies are another.  Please get involved. 

Can’t you see the writing on the wall?… It’s about to get worse if you don’t do your parts.  You must participate and take actions immediately… We must take charge and bring change! Its time we get our own.  When people own things they have tendency to think they own you!

We have to question government sneaky tactics and stop voting more  people who only pretend to relate and find out later that you are not that important to them…only their agendas! Getting richer on backs of the poor is unacceptable!