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th (6)I BELIEVE  “SHUT UP” is relevant today!  We censor the truth often not with words but with actions… Many seem to judge people by appearance and their own personal preferences along with prejudices!  People use “religion” as another form manipulation! God is about order and being the truth.  He doesn’t give exceptions to the rules all because one might believe they have all the games pieces for the Chess game!

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Who is perfect? No one..But we should at least mature if we  are really “walking” with God.  I never said run! 

Walking is done in lower level of pacing so that we don’t miss anything. When I realize that there are so many sprinters in ministry. You can see why many talk the talk but fail to walk the walk!

You know what I find so interesting?

That many people have preconceived notions regarding  myself as being a member of  a Roman Catholic Church and with a Caucasian Pastor in the middle of  what others call “Chi-Raq”.  You know…Where the bad black folks are! th (6)

A white man  “wanna” be “black” . Nothing fuels me more to let some of my critics have it… SHUT UP!

I can carefully make this plain. I honestly think that what a disservice he has to be to his “own” bloodline by all of sudden preferring to be “black”.

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Personally, I believe that we still dealing with prejudices, and the true bible thumpers that knows more than Jesus are so frightening.  And here is real sidebar.., and it’s biblical by the way…  THERE IS A WAY THAT ALWAYS SEEM RIGHT UNTO MAN BUT NOT GOD… repeat this. Some of you are so darn religious until you come of crazy!  If you are following the word of God… I have yet here restoration” unto your true brothers whether he Catholic or Baptist. th (1)

Your bible reads what when it comes to love? Some Pastors I believe of what God’s warns in the last days… Always got something “stupid” to say and fanatical ways!

God’s ways have never been our ways… The point is more want us to believe that they have tapped into the vein of God and mean as a “rattle snake”.  With very little regard with five fold ministry that seems to stop at one person and certain particular ministries. Sorry, some people will get real upset to see the diversity in heaven!

 What have you heard I can’t respect but unless you have experience then maybe I just might hear you I didn’t say  listen. Until we learn what unity all of this is just a bunch of noise!th (5)

We are in the 21st Century as many “claim” to know God comes off a little self-righteous. The word of God is true no matter what you denomination that you are in. God is still God regardless of   rules and regulations how to get to God through them.  Don’t think for one moment that I know people don’t have a problem with “Father Pfleger”…and slide him in this category of being this typical Catholic…EOVIOL-CST-031114-1_45000531

Well let me quite honest as many that think that they have the knowledge and know how… you still don’t have the monopoly on God.  For some reason with all the biblical prophesies and people’s religious jargon. I don’t play church and I don’t play being a Christian. Now labels are best suited for those who are trying to be more of what they are than whose they.  Personally, I know that the wind of God is behind “this” blog.  I am not trying to recruit members to the St. Sabina or become a “Father Pfleger” lover. 

What is most irritating that people give more of their opinions especially in religion… and skip what God does have to say.  I make no man no idol… It’s God alone that sits on the throne. I have been around this “crap” before… Numbers  are  not what I live by although they are impressive for the eyes of man. Unfortunately as many want to send death warnings and what the bible say…pfleger-march-0304

Where is your love?

Admit it, most have their interesting reads but I know the TRUTH is often shunned or re-crafted to make many feel good about their “gods”.  Like Pastor Pfleger, due to his popularity he has an entourage full of undercover jealous back-biters and haters.

This I will stand on!

Just like “Jesus” they love you when its good but when it’s bad… You know the real deal!  He is hero some days as long as he goes along to get along and  the  days he called to open up his eyes  and share the truth he is then marginalize, criticize and  then  he is called a  heathen!

Another  lie and or misconception is that …God need all of these “bootleg preachers and non prophetic voices” to share their opinions INSTEAD OF telling the whole truth and nothing but…

He doesn’t…

All it takes is one REVIVAL TO REVIVE NOT ONE MAN OR PREACHER! Everyone has this way but it never seems to lead back to God  but only to “self”.   th (4)

This blog debunks lies because I know that many of us can’t take another one! I am never standing for anyone until I first learn to stand to myself.  People who God assigns to us can be question but it doesn’t mean that we will be less assigned…whether we  love them or hate them.

God gives “HIS” PEOPLE ASSIGNMENTS!   So, far God hasn’t given me NOT ONE  easy job. Let me fully “express” this… Stiff neck, and hatred  I think anyone would like to bypass! thSS3EKALA

And this is for  all that throw a rock and hide your hand haters. Stop reading, If I have reached one I have truly reach my masses! It’s okay that I have reached my Maximus. I am not in fear of man but truly the God that I serve!

My blog is a God blog!   You can judge all you want  but I know who I answer to whether anyone believes in God or his “true” prophets.  I don’t have to make a donkey out of myself to prove what thus saith the Lord. The clue is… It’s in the book call the (bible).  th (1)

I said this , to say … Just keep your mouth off  of Pastor Pfleger… If you don’t like him… leave him, shut up and walk on by!