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All of us have had  “Freudian  slips” before …Remember George Jefferson and  Archie Bunker had those same issues…that an “alleged” recent Chicago Mayoral Candidate had.  thDJAGCMZNthIBUYBRDX






But  “oh no”  Mr. Jefferson, nor Mr. Bunker. didn’t mean what they said either and they never considered themselves racists, they just made  racial derogatory comments! 

They just wanted purity of their inner “racial beliefs” by “expressing just how ignorant they both were.

 What they believe is totally different in what they exactly feel. Remarks that are made   regardless of what  one’s  enunciation is that comes flowing out is the ‘TRUTH”.

I have been here before… when someone made racial comments about me being a  “mutt” and “Miss Taco Bell” and some other hateful words. And now this “idiot”  looks a tab bit nervous because I know more than what I care to express about what they have said  and where they really are when it comes to bringing change and a new charge to the people!  YEAH RIGHT!  I would laugh if this wasn’t so serious!  People will run game on you if you “allow” it!

Yet, Chicago and Illinois get suckered listening to the ignorance. You can’t decorate “pig slop” or perfumed their funk… By acting like it was just a mere “slip” of the tongue or a blatant mistake when the act is malicious!

To add insult to injury, then you have the nerve to run for political office?…This shows me that you wont help the people ,you will have your own  personal continental divide when it comes to people who are of any other ethnicity besides African-American.

But more importantly… It’s a little grimy for my taste when you have lied and manipulated to get in a positions to gain some kind of title. Your day is coming so, I warn!

 They will smooth, the fur and you will still be  called “whitey”…

To think at best you “think” you are a Christian. Folk this isn’t a real shocker. Whether the person is white or black. I have heard comments like this before… I am insulted because I know that their many of these kind  individuals  that are running for different political  offices feel the same way he does or “oops” express things they way he does… (LOL)

To believe and have the nerve to think I believe that they will help the people. Regardless of how one articulate themselves….There are certain words that shouldn’t be in our vocabulary or in our every day speech…this is where  being a hypocrite comes into play!


This has personally “insulted” me in many ways…

I have already size them up! Unfortunately there are a lot of people just like the individual that slipped up… this is really their lingo and what they  really feel about you comes whirling out of their mouths!

When it comes  to these new political circus acts…I have experienced something on another level.  How are you then to believe to be a Christian calling me a name and you are going to do what for the community? Nothing!

That is why many times I don’t co-sign on what people feel will bring change to a community.  How about they will keep the mess going and always use race and ignorance as a means to step on people.

I often  know something about what people “endorse”.   Do your homework  on all these so call new candidates … Sadly, some of them are “slick as Crisco”.

This is  a  little “dangerous” for me, however  in the midst of whatever emotional high you are on what’s in the heart comes out of that mouth!  To  call me everything else but my “government name” you don’t need any political office  you need your head checked… 

Liars and frauds can’t afford to slip up… but every now and then …Who they are shows up… but it’s up to us to believe “exactly” who they say they are… Oh no… An apple tree never gives harvest to lemons!  Y’all know … if the shoe was on the other foot Al Sharpton would be here!

Remember that…the next time you ” endorse”  the devil’s handy work!