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Isn’t it funny how “lessons” will continue to come again…all because it hasn’t been addressed?  So, the lesson continues…until it finally hits your “home” address.  When people hate you, they are not trying to figure out how to rescue you but more importantly how to dig a grave for you. 

Although, I have seen and witnessed in my “Middle Age” of life what this feels like.  People actually dismiss the importance of having integrity and character and you will be shunned because of your champion behavior. 

Snakes are snakes…. Some will lie waiting to figure out the right moment to “attack” you even if you tell yourself the lie that it’s done with the right heart. 

You see, Mr. Slewfoot, (the devil)…will trip any of us up on,  rules and regulations that we fail to execute on.  What we say, and  what we have done will be examined in another lie. It has been going on forever  but you will be made to be the example!

When someone has hatred they will stop at nothing to say when, what and why. That is why it’s important to make sure we “try” to get  it all right so nothing blows up in our faces.

Character is huge whether you are rich or poor… black or white. But how can we tell when someone has this undercurrent level of racial hatred?  

th (12) Ms. Ledisi, experienced something that many were kind of silence on because of who was involved but no one wanted to say “prejudice” or say “racially motivated”.

It was still wrong and I heard the very ones who say… Dr. King was this and that. Yet, I saw the stance.  I know that some will disagree and I don’t personally care… I know that all because one is a celebrity doesn’t  means that they care…

And I always hear celebrities should get involved… I ask why?

If their hearts and not in it… it’s just another way of publicizing their phoniness. I PREFER QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY… I don’t want  any celebrity who” flip- flops” when the money is the bait and the public  is watching. The real pressure comes  they are a no show in character!!!

Many didn’t care what happened to her …but I did. Although, she stood with the better dignity and grace. She didn’t try to cover her tracks to ease her conscious she didn’t have to do a remake of “Precious Lord”…

In actuality it has been so  many things people ignored… and still our “Westernized society” still tell us when to speak up about the ills in this country.  From the color of our skin to the Jackie Robinson West Baseball League…

Obviously someone had an axe to grind.  What I can’t stand is the hypocrisy in this country.  No  one paid for the scandal before the Super bowl…The Super Bowl meant money and lots of it! These are children being penalize for something I believe is clearly not their faults. I question why strip the children but you can penalize the League with other options?

SPEAK UP ON ALL OF IT… Regardless of how much of a “superstar” you think they are. Tell the truth.  And because our people ignore certain things when it comes to making money and status this opens the door for more unwarranted attacks even if they are “our” children. I can guarantee for a couple of weeks… “the media hogs” will be posted up! How embarrassing is this when this continues to happen but then there is hype!

There should be full frontal of protest around the country on hypocrisy in this country. Jackie Robinson West, wont be the only ones who will suffer at the abuse of power and intent.  The next generation will catch even more hell if we don’t stop with the selective reasoning’s when it comes to discrimination. 

I am almost certain when I was growing up in Suburbia, everyone wasn’t the age they say that they were,, and many of them use other family addresses to play. What isn’t a shocker for me is that people want it both ways… The want all black  and brown boys to be thugs… and on the other hand they want them to civilized citizens but continuously pulls the rug from under them and make them the examples I am almost sure that on all the Little League with investigation everyone is short on something. 

 Yet, when it comes to being the minority you should know by now the “rules of engagement ” has  always been different. I know personally how disturbing and hurtful this can be.  When you arrive expect that you will be “scrutinize” heavily because you do have something to offer that some people feel threaten by even if it’s your skin color! 

Mr. Chris Janes,  Vice President Athletic Association of Evergreen Park, files a complaint… knows what his intentions were about racial impacted or not.

For sure… jealousy and malice is definitely there! Sadly, he didn’t do this to maintain the integrity of the Little League because he doesn’t have it!

Let this serve as a reminder ” race” is going to be a factor! Secondly, we must stop doing selective protests when it come to being discriminated against…