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Yes, indeed, Father Pfleger is my Pastor… I don’t co-sign on everything that he does but he still my Pastor.  I am not a Parishioner that leave my relationship with God at home or my brain for that matter all because one is  considered a “religious leader or community icon. 

Popularity has its place …I guess… but  I do understand the danger of placing myself on the throne and make any leader the third head of the “God head”.

I am NOT… I REPEAT… I am never advocating any person, place of thing that is murky. Neither am I governed by people I think I “like”. I DON’T care how popular “anyone” is … who his entourage is, and whatever he surrounds himself with… It  has nothing to do with who I am and what I represent !

I don’t go along to get along… and neither do I need the attention. It is what it is… that’s who I am. I don’t make excuses for anyone’s mess ups or go along with their lies! I would be lying if I said I didn’t understand order… but I do!  

However, I  also understand the discipline and protocol when it comes to someone who is in a  position of authority whether I agree with him or her  or not. And I can spot abuse of power on anyone’s watch. You see, when you are in love with God, you easily can discern when “flesh” is in the mix!  I have to stand before God for myself! 

Who can ever know how someone how he or she lives behind closed doors. Yet, my bible states God doesn’t have “HIS PEOPLE”  ignorant.   The “operative” word is IGNORANT.  If there is any manner of chaos, and  corruption,  Mr. Satan is among them. 

There is a level where God will let you know and instruct you in the midst of triumph or snakes. People mess up but there something to be least desired when there is a lot of manure that follow any ministry!

So, here is another clue about people who spend their time with God. It’s up to us to do away with the lies and deception of people. Often times what God tells us offend us and can cut us. To me living a lie and being a lie is an offense if you say you are a Believer in Christ!

God gives me the charge to read and live the word for myself.  Pastor Pfleger can only make intercession for me but when it’s all over, I have to stand to be accountable. I can’t get in folks head about what they do and why they do it. I just make sure I stay together and stay away from the messy and murky people in church and in politics.

My Christianity isn’t based  what I believe to be truth  but what God warns  me what isn’t wise!  I can’t “allow” anyone in my space to tell me or feed me ignorance and boat loads of crap.  It is what God gives me!  This is where a lot of people get in trouble but I tend to stay away from trouble and any signs of it!

It is up to me to decipher and or discern when I should refrain from speaking up and I will tell it like it is not because of what my “opinion” is. I will speak the Truth and it’s not always the most popular stand… but ask me if I am losing sleep.

My conscience has to be free and clear to serve God. I don’t choose people because of who they are, how many degrees they have and any other foolishness why people follow Pastor Pfleger or St. Sabina.

Last time I checked… the church has never “saved” anyone but it will view them in a different light and throw them in the fire!

It would be disservice to myself an God to allow anyone to have mind control and that kind of power  over what God has given me to do. Kissing tail and smoothing fur has never been in my “personal” make up.  I am able  to follow instructions, and I can identify quite easily where I stand! I know who I am, whose I am, and know who is with me or against me . And this is all on my own! (LOL)

No,  he isn’t this derange individual although he can get quite “high-powered with his emotions when he passionate about something.  Being a member of St. Sabina Parish doesn’t eliminate or alleviates me from attacks from the outside just as well as the inside of the church. All because you affiliate with Pastor Pfleger, or go to St. Sabina… Doesn’t mean I endorse you or support you politically or otherwise…Do your homework on anyone not because someone vouches for them!

I am in  total agreement conquering injustices nationwide and world-wide. regardless of who they are! 

No, I am not agreement with anyone “especially” if it is  proven to be NOT the truth  or some other fleshy shenanigans. My personal and political choices will be based on a history of character and integrity. If it’s out in the open and with the messiness. I am the first to blow it out of the water!  

I don’t mess with messy people or liars!  I am not joined at the hip or connected with anything that God can’t govern. I  totally agree, many talk the talk but don’t walk the walk…

Love me or leave me…  I thank God for my brain and his wisdom. It his an honor to serve God with my whole heart…and not an agenda!

Abased or Abound I know God for myself. I want the world to know my power and strength comes from the real source of strength and it’s never been in mere mortal!