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STILL…Means a place of rest, free from the sound of noise and people…stationary

Out of any text and or scripture in the bible God speaks expressively about studying his word but learning when to shut up… GOD WARNS TO MAKE IT YOUR AMBITIONS  TO STUDY TO BE QUIET. ( I Thessalonians 4:11) Often times we miss “signs’ because we want to.

Knowing that someone has  adopted something in their  lives that  they can’t explain why they are there to begin with…That God tells us to prune away from THAT brings TROUBLE! 

Messy people instigate trouble they may might necessarily physically did the harm but they planted the seeds for destruction and deception. Regardless of what you might tell yourself… The truth will come out!

Haman in the book of Esther did such things to win the King Xerxes trust to be his trusted side kick.  I am almost sure everyone saw the demons in Haman but the King…As smart as the King thought he was… He still controlled by the ill speech  and the response of others. Never did he allow the spirit of Godly wisdom to keep this from getting this far with doing away of the Jews.

The King was still bound by…What he looked like in front of others, his reputation. Which has very little merit with many people. Although King Xerxes surrounded himself with people I believe that he could control.  Now, here is something I gather.  You have to realize that the “King” chose people on his own merit.

So, then I question. And what merit is that?  The King right hand man was the “DEVIL”. To me that spoke volumes. How are you surrounded with all this wickedness and  not be aware of it?  You know what I believe?… King Xerxes attracted messy people because somewhere is was messy too. It was then and only then…Esther came on the scene to give the harden King a new perspective… because I believe his was “warped”.

I can’ take that “two ways”. 1) He was addicted to glory of being glorified. 2) He needed the approval of what others think and believe…instead of doing what was right in front of others.

However, in the end  everyone bowed down to Queen Esther’s God.

King Xerxes was often fumed and fueled on his PRIDE… Remember…It was his previous love interest that refuse to go along with his foolishness to be paraded in front of others. No one ever knew what happened to her. Although, scholars said he …had her murdered…All I know she never surfaced again because he got in embarrassed!

Let me share what I have lived by all of my life. Even in the midst of the  Christianity dysfunction I came out of…  This isn’t the necessarily the order in which these thins should go… but I share  three points.

I was first taught…

1) The power of listening 2) Respect authority 3) Keep my mouth from shut and of  ill speech…

LISTENING… Kept me from making a total donkey out of myself. I was taught the most effective way of communicating was the power of listening, learning and then responding! 

RESPECT AUTHORITY… Do your own survey you will find some  of most difficult people to deal with are people who don’t respect authority.  It’s either their way or the highway! Everything is done with “self” in mind.  Unfortunately today, this is what is “killing the church”… the lack of respect for God. Although many occupy the building… but it is God that is left absent from their lives. People are often “religious” in any of their beliefs outside of church.  Living with the tradition of men is tanking this world rapidly. Feeling good and good inspiration doesn’t move God it’s total obedience.  People that live lives without correction, this is what this world is faced with today. You don’t need anyone to tell you how bad things are…All you have to do is look at what they feed themselves and what they surround themselves with. 

KEEPING MY MOUTH SHUT… Although silence might be often golden it is a weapon. Yes, there are times when we must speak up and speak out but there are times you should remain in a posture of studying to be quiet. 

When you have to “answer” and communicate  all the time you better ask God for wisdom or your words will come back to haunt you.

Respectively sometimes some people  mean well but when you have a serious issue with character…Lying, gossiping , embellishing the truth and mess starting … One of the main problems in ANY CHURCH…

Get ready you don’t need God to bring this harsh judgment on you… Your “BIG MOUTH” has a way of eradicating anything good, productive  and Godly prosperous because there is no level of self-control or a conscious even.  Talking excessively without a conscious leads to big troubles . How many times have I seen this? Unfortunately when you tell one lie another has given to another and the lies grow huge. 

The reality is some people can’ get caught cheating, lying or mess starting… some will go along anyway thinking and believing they wont  be next… Oh but you will!!!! In fact, not only will you be lied on but brought to an “open shame”… God  doesn’t want you to ever be in a place humiliation.

 It is our flesh that places us in precarious situations and positions. It is because “ego and pride” thrust our fools self right into embarrassment. The best part that can come out of any negative situation when dealing with people who can’t keep their mouths off of people… That the embarrassment  will cut away at your pride but God  wont let you take the humiliation behind closed doors…It will be for the world to see. Some people throw rocks and hide their hands. Many recognize when they have someone in their camp that is capable of doing many  ungodly things but the pain is that we have to confront what hasn’t been confronted.   It’s then and only then when the scandal or trouble comes then one is made to go a little bit deeper.  That is why God warns us about pruning the wickedness and sin from our lives.  It’s a shame today that we must beg for the truth and integrity in our people.

Instigators  prefer royal treatment when they have live the donkey dung lifestyles! They can’t progress into anything great because of their lack of perception and fear of God. When someone use “God” as a way of controlling people then you should know already that God isn’t into the lies and pretending. Some people have vision problems “especially” when it comes to someone they like or respect. Whichever comes first negative people should have no place especially in the lives of a Christians.

The  biggest lies are in the church  and has the “biggest devils”.  Satan  adores the church. …That is where he can manipulate and control the most.  The guards are either let down or satan  strategically put his soldiers in place to infiltrate the HOUSE OF GOD.

People aren’t trying to be transparent and go to the masses with the truth. So there you will find people who “opt” out deliverance and anything is accepted. Not according the bible that I study! The power of life and death is in your tongue…

SPEAK LIFE… I RATHER BE IN RIGHT STANDING WITH  GOD AND DEAL WITH MY MISTAKES THAN TO BE BROUGHT TO PUBLIC EMBARRASSMENT ALONG WITH THE DEVILS. Remember the choice is always so be careful what  to respond to or  foolishly and blindly align yourselves up  with !