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Fighting for proper justice MEANS GETTING INVOLVED. For some of the oddest reasons people always believe that certain situations can’t and wont effect them. The sign of the times have been here for a while. 

Violence, unemployment, homelessness, broken economic system and abuse of  is depleting this country no matter where you  live.  When this nation continues to face senseless cuts, and infractions within our justice system is will surface in many other ways. 

To make a fair assessment of what the real social justice is you have to get off of your “own” throne…

A lot of people do stuff for political stunting and fronting. We are responsible to carry the ball when others drop it!  Here are just a few steps to award a prosperous community playing field

1)Simply educate yourselves not just with current every day  news media, look into other avenues including reading your history. this  requires action!

2) Social Justice requires that you seek the truth and often they might go beyond mere facts. We must get involved!

3)You don’t have to always protest with signs. Some are very well define in sending emails to tapping the phones banks telling the government and all that it concerns what we wont’ tolerate and what we expect.  4) Sometimes finding  a place to give monetary donations contributes to a stronger environment. We have to be selfless and propose a higher standard of living… and that might be through our local safe havens, parks, churches and other non-profit organizations.  A positive mind channeled in the right directions…spread awareness, responsibility and acute accountability!

A lending hand to re-solidify this country with morals and standards especially in this country!  We have to continue to reach one to …teach one!