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I don’t find it remarkably strange that  Jackie Robinson West Little League…will be abandoned in the fight for injustice.  I see the wobbly weak spirits already! However, I saw so many from across this nation cheering them on this past summer. As they stand in the heat of another kind of battle they are not with the same kind of comfort.

Now  the cheering is gone, and I hear the critics.  Making “derogatory” comments. Sadly, this really just how emotionally  fickle human beings are.

Love me today… hate me tomorrow.  

I know many of you don’t understand what “really” happened and the injustices that were done to the children. It’s not okay to call the children cheaters. They played the game and won. No one is asking anyone to break the rules or look over wrong doing. But, first lets start with the “messy adults”.  I am not speaking about our coaches either.

I speaking about the person or persons who have nothing else better to do but keep up much ado about nothing.  What I am a little taken back with … is that the person that said the “house was on fire”.. his seem to be already burned. There is pertinent information that all of  Evergreen Park Team wasn’t all from that area either.  Hmmm?

Secondly, the pettiness of one’s ego was a slightly bruised enough to whirl accusations. Having the first stone and you have the same sin.

 You don’t find out that you lost your titles and championship over the “air waves” and by word of mouth. Unfortunately this is how the team was told. The saddest part about all of this… is that many was on the bandwagon as long as they were in the hype of the media. Many celebrities, politicians, sports figures were onboard. What angers me… I saw the enthusiasm this baseball club brought together.  Jackie Robinson name isn’t tarnished by this “messy” business of hurting children or making an example out of grown folks lies.  I want people to know this goes beyond mistreatment only  a certain circuit of media wants to dispel what really happened.

Whatever web of lives , distortion of the truth that have been dispersed publicly will come out during this “legal process” of the mistreatment of our boys.  Here is another sidebar that people weren’t aware of… I agree, there should be all out investigation because people personal private records were assessed and many other unjust rights were violated by not with our League but within the  overall Little League . Before you want to even crucify the “coaches”… realize that the rules were regulation were met… Someone had an ax to grind and they wanted our children’s head on the chopping block!

Yes, I pray that the “truth” comes out.  I have no idea why this was done in such a distasteful manner but I do know that malice and jealousy… was running in deep waters.  In the history of any game… the so-called re-mapping goes on a lot especially within the League…Yet, our boys were made the example.  But it’s so painful to know that lies spin so far out of control.  And the “hatred” of another went this far!   Why penalize our children for all out blatant hatred?

What lesson are you teaching our boys that rules apply only to some but not the entire host?  Really? The public humiliation to no longer hail them as champions but cheaters? That’s a low blow even for people who know that real responsibility wasn’t with them it is with the entire league!  

We know this “isn’t” about baseball at all… PRAY FOR JACKIE ROBINSON WEST LITTLE LEAGUE!