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So many feel God can’t hear them, and wont hear them. Open up your hearts and pray in FAITH…

Father, we thank you, lift you up and magnify your name. I ask that you touch, heal,  deliver and set free. Where the “SPIRIT OF THE LORD” is…there is peace! You know every situation, and every circumstance that they are facing. Endow them with another level of who you are. Give them wisdom to execute on every matter at hand. Angels of the Lord… harken to every word that is spoken and don’t allow one word to touch the ground. I bind up the spirit of murder, mayhem, terror and fear… Send your warrior angels to protect us from all hurt, harm and dangers seen and unseen!

Dispatch your angels to protect your people, our family, children, friends and loved ones. Touch every… I loose the peace of God, the wholeness of God, and his salvation. Keep us My Lord, during times of distress… I speak healing from the crown of our heads to the very soles of our feet. I speak life… to every dead situation that’s in your will to be resurrected including finances.

Every need is met, you are out of debt, plenty of more to put in store… And my God shall supply all of my needs… In the matchless Name Of Jesus… Decree every promise that God has made to us. By the stripes of Jesus we are healed in every area of our lives… I pray for every leader, minister, the President, and anyone  who has “authority” over us.  Keep their hearts and minds in you My Lord… I speak your presence and deeper relationship with you and those around me!  Save marriages, heal broken hearts, restore trouble minds! Renew, revive and restore us… Save our family members and loved ones,… Teach me how to love !

cropped-cropped-th-16.jpgContinued prayer for Pastor Pfleger, keep him, protect him… you know every need before he even asks. Renewed strength, the Spirit of Caleb, courage and holy boldness. Give him, direction, your  wisdom, your peace … Give every leader your deep sleep and let them rest in you. 

Keep in prayer, Bobbi Kristina, Dr. Jeremiah Wright and his family, JRW family and organization, Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, John Paul Jackson wife Diane, and his family.

 These things I pray, in the Name of  Jesus… COME INTO AGREEMENT WITH AMEN, FATHER, AMEN THE SON, AMEN IN THE HOLY SPIRIT….If you believe you shall receive!