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MONKEY…To act in a mischievous, a fool, grotesque behavior

MURKY…Dark, dim, cloudy, NOT CLEAR

I know I unnerve many fake Christians,  preachers , community leaders. and dirty politicians. What I possess isn’t up for a seat, or up for sale. Neither do I have to go the bucket gutter to come up with sewer water and pass it off as the new snake oil. There is nothing to be proud of when you are affiliated with rogues.  You wont be respected.

My heart aches for the people of God who have fail to know what God is and what he represents. And it’s not shady people…aka LUKEWARM!

 I have to be the first, to say I am sorry to the masses because  of the questionable  behavior of what many fail to represent in the church house. We see more of the “OUT HOUSE MENTALITY. GOD IS ABOUT LOVE AND EXPOSING THE LIES NOT COVERING THEM UP WITH EXCUSES AND OR IGNORING THEM. There is no such thing as   sweet-smelling manure.

It is what it  is…

I don’t support lies and deceptions of any kind. That’s one of the main reason why I am not smiling and grinning with foot soldiers of the devil. Or serving my gifts to be used for profits, performance or popularity! Many say they are doing the work of God…. I warn a simple solution to the test… LOOK AT WHAT HE OR SHE SURROUNDS THEMSELVES WITH AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWER. A person of integrity are not hanging out with the liars club.

No, I am not perfect and wont sway you to believe otherwise.  Yet, I wont allow myself be drawn in by own lust to get power. I can firmly attest and so  will God.   I don’t throw his people under a bus to be posted up with all the camera prostitutes out there.  There is no powerful movement in a fake,  only lies and trickery…

There is power in God’s truth!  A phony will be brought to an open shame everything he or she does will fall apart because it is built on deception…God promises this!   I don’t trust government…and I am almost certain I am almost afraid of these fake Christians who do at nothing to get in bed with power or someone connected to it. You are not making a statement dogging people for your purpose. Since when does God needs to the tools of satan to advance his kingdom? This where God draws the line!  There is no charge when there is no spine to be the TRUTH. 

We see one thing in church but the world know your filthy business!  I know I am different and oppose that threat to bring the monkey business to it’s knees… I wear  my boldness it with HONORS. Some stuff the church really needs to address and  confront while on the other hand stay out of. Standing for the truth and being an agent of change…Doesn’t start and end with people who  abuse, others to finagle what they want  and the system to be a fraud within!

I have never in my life seen so many people vying for  positions just for the money and the power and want to be these big time “wind bags” of  lies.  Lies can’t change a community but it will destroy it!

 Power  in the wrong hands is “hauntingly” addictive. People can follow easily people who don’t require anything. That is why you are seeing many leaders being exposed for being a fraud.

Quite honestly, our country… let alone our cities aren’t ready for communities to reform and wont see it until it tells the whole truth and nothing  but.

Some of you got this twisted…. it’s not about your picks… It’s about who will be the TRUTH.  I am little taken back with the lack of integrity and true concern about God’s people ignoring one’s bad behaviors in church or otherwise.   People follow the dumbest things to get ahead and will make a detour if the truth whirls out of the mouths of anything upstanding and have courage to call it out.

When it starts out wrong… you will reap the harvest.  Evil men and women  have to step on God’s people to get what they want.   Hmmm…Even if they bend the truth a little? 

SAY WHAT? If you are a Christian… you shouldn’t be affirming the messiness but dismissing it! But that’s not happening…. One hand washing the other on the back of deception. This should bother some of our leaders…but it doesn’t!

There is no united front when you lie to get your way or  the job done.  A liar can’t represent me anytime nor anyplace. God doesn’t need the fakes on the front lines doing 

God knows what. If it starts in lies it will reap the judgment of God. Man might favor the nonsense but it is God who will have the last say!  Shame comes  because of  the lack of integrity many seem to overlook and opt on. I wouldn’t be caught standing next to anything that is proven to be just what they are…FRAUDS!

Everyone has an opinion but it seem so hard to deal with truth, let alone confront it. Here is where the real embarrassment comes in and no one feels it’s necessary to address.

Everything in a pulpit isn’t  coming from God and not always God sent. I have to say … I have to stand proxy for all of those who come in the Name of God… .and bring shame to the Gospel.

Anything calls themselves a Christian now days…and it holds no weight because it’s coming up more and more tricky each day! God will judge all who used his name and tears down his people and his church  just to be posted up in a position with the world. You can’t  tell me you don’t love the world… I see where your heart is.

With God comes integrity and character. Without it.. we are only stirring up more manure … and end results will be exactly what we getting now… NOTHING!

Chicago blames everyone why it falters in many arenas, Yet, I know real reform is when we first alleviate some of the deep-seated problems but dealing with the TRUTH. 

How can the church and its so called leaders  be respected when it walks along the side with the wicked?  Yes, I am involved with I am supposed to do as a progressive citizen but it’s never to get into political arena to endorse more messiness. And frankly, I am so disappointed… because in Chicago there is dirt and more dirt. and  “race” does matter all the time…

What find almost shocking to believe… Is the blame game coming from people who are supposed to be Christians and your stance is “suppose” to be different. People know the business whether the church stands up and expose every crook and cranny of deception even if it comes from the choir stand to the pews. God isn’t behind this nonsense! These are lies the people rather believe to justify why there hands are always caught up in the messiness of the church and politics!  Church is to involve themselves in what happens in our government but we are not to co-sign on dog breath politics that some of you got involved in.

It’s funny how we can serve others up on a “silver platter” about what they are doing wrong …and the church and some of its leaders fail to deal with all the demonic entities and monsters they have given birth to on their watch.

I am almost embarrassed with the behavior of some of our leaders including inside the church.  You say one thing but your actions speak louder than anything. I am not a novice to the game of what goes on with the church and all the perfume funk they represent.  That’s not the bible I read and study from. God isn’t schizophrenic and he doesn’t all the wickedness of anyone to prosper… HE OR SHE is cut down!

Oh yeah, this is meant for someone today! You wont use God’s people to social climb or use the political process to define who you are in the church or the filthy arena of politics. How can we bring the truth to world when we “endorse the lies ” or wont confront all the evil that goes on in the name of God.  I pray that you forgive all of those who have trespass and misuse their power for the greater good to stroke their ego and align their spines. Pray for wisdom from God and ask for discernment because some of the foolishness is coming up a bit distasteful.

For sure,  they  definitely  don’t represent all of us who know what the real “death walk” is.  We are  beyond a Believer in Christ… We are the AMBASSADOR who know our own strength without fronting or false pretenses. 

There is a “Counterfeit Social Justice”… Don’t allow people to get in your head use your brain…know God and learn God for yourself!