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There is a major difference in astrology and astronomy… I don’t participate in astrology but I respect astronomy greatly and here is why. It is still one of the oldest sciences in the world.  

ASTRONOMY is a natural science that studies the celestial objects (galaxy, stars, …) This isn’t just a fascination with the moon stuff… There are were actual prophecies that  are given  that coincides with the celestial signs that follow that have been written in scriptures.

People it’s really okay that scientists study God. God doesn’t mind when man tries to figure all of this out. It puts  us through the challenge of learning more. I know divinely, that this is prophetical connected no matter how many skeptics are out there.   There is no study for the exact science of dealing with the prophetic! For those of us who have some understanding of the “supernatural”… everything isn’t always that black or white or even shades of gray!

And there are ministries that study biblical  codes. Whether one wants to respect these kind of ministry or not. The divine revelation is given to those God has called to give us a clear definition of what does all these moon actually mean.  I am not an expert in this and don’t claim to be .

I have learned in ministry regardless of what the “clarion call” is… we will always have those who don’t believe but put their own lives in the hands of people who they know come up a little suspect. Truth and the supernatural is something many still can’t embrace but will go to a total stranger to give them a predictions and or a reading of some sort.

As prophetic as people claim to be one of the near misses always what  people  think and not what God has given in these particular arenas to prepare us to watch what goes on in the heavens. As many claim to read study God’s word. These signs are definitely in his word.

Lets begin “bible study”… with the Prophet Joel and  (Ezekiel Tetrad Chapters 36 – 39) and in the book of Revelation 7:14 during the Great Tribulation. 

This in turn provides  us the opportunities to share in such wisdom and knowledge in  to what different things mean and what is to come!  I suggest to people to read and really study these things. I don’t think any of this is coincidental. God warned through his prophets what was to come and what signs that will be posted. 

April 4th (PASSOVER)  is the next “blood moon”…  this is when the earth comes between the sun and the moon and the sun is shining on the earth. The total lunar eclipse gives us the beautiful reddish copper color.  It so happens that these particular  four blood  moons and six full moons .  That seemingly align with the Jewish Feast Holidays with no partial lunar eclipse in between them. (Tetrad) .

The “blood moons” are rarely together every  500 years. One of the celestial signs of the  ” COMING OF CHRIST”.  And other signs already pre-warned the world  of the trouble in the Middle East… The sword represents the ….Persecution of Israel . In fact, all of this has already change the course of world history! For those who love history this is the challenge today… Check out what happened during these particular moon periods and things that primarily followed!

Don’t be so quick to call the ones that study this in great detail the “Prophets of Doom”…. The false prophetic voice is what has cause the great damage by dancing around with scripture that makes people comfortable!  God is very specific about the “signs of the times’ because it sounds too scary and it is! If what we don’t see makes us nervous what will? 

I don’t spend all this time trying to explain God, although I respect science but I keep in its proper perspective. For the oddest reasons people love to “try” to explain God when he has to be personally experienced.

The Church is only one conduit of coming into relationship with God. There is a prayer of salvation asking God to forgive you of your sin. This is the initial first step but then there is more.

There are people who go to church every Saturday or Sunday… and don’t believe God really exist.  I believe God loves to challenge science to bring many things to the forefront that human beings wouldn’t dare grasp.

I take this time to offer Christ for all of you who don’t know him and those who fail to have a deeper relationship with God. Asking God to forgive you and help you.  Salvation is open but it is also private. Meaning God is one on one.  God will forgive you no matter what you have done…. Ask him today to become apart of your life… Time is drawing near!