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I have heard many of the great Civil Rights Leaders speak of non-violence and what their demeanor meant and characteristics thereof. I heard many that were on the frontlines sharing what it meant to be humiliated and taking a course and training on reaction because of the seriousness of the situations that might even include death.  Yet, it never meant that they didn’t protect themselves.

Someone recently had come to me… that had done some really horrible things to me publicly and privately.  And because I know the  seriousness and severity of the situation God had prepared me how to deal with individuals like this.

Although, I have  often been criticized for being too trusting  of others who have tried to dog me! This is so far from the truth… I let them be who ever they are…

I knew that this may have been  my case when I was much younger but I knew the politics of the street and  dealing with religious people. I had learned early on in especially ministry… that every preacher wasn’t sent from God.  

I quickly digested from very popular ministries about running into  egos, people and their “gods”… even if they were people, along with their dogma. 

However, this individual had come to me many times before “trying” their best to hate on me…and destroy me and had asked for forgiveness many times before not knowing what they continued to do when my back was turned.

All of a sudden they knew that I have totally disconnected and will remain in that posture. They had this epiphany because they finally have come to the  realization… I have moved on and I don’t care to be bothered with just “small” talk.

Sadly, they had their script ready, rehearsed and ready to go. I can say,  I sat there calmly listening to the  bull crap.  And when I had told the person… that I thanked them for hurting me,  because it healed me! …If you could have seen their expression. 

I had already  forgiven them a very long time ago and each time they had try to  stab me in the back… BUT but I told them I had no interest of trying to be ony level of  relationship… 

I can’t trust you…

This person was floored…when they realize I didn’t care and had given them no power! But let me very clear… I wasn’t interested in trying to mend anything or reestablish no kind of  connection and often this is where many people get their heart-broken. Trusting in that they will do better.

Whether they do be better or not… I KNEW TO CUT IT OFF AND LEAVE THAT ALONE!!!!

 I was free because God had healed me when I let it go!

Nonetheless, I knew what I possess didn’t come overnight and I can’t give over my peace on dumbness and messy people. Slick talkers  and crafty people practice what to say to get you to believe what they are saying. I might not express it when you are talking but trust me I don’t buy all that “crap” that some of  you sell on a regular.

I can almost discern when I get those “tricky” people who “think” that they are running game. And let me say this…  Church people will show you more than your share than you bargain for.

I can’t lie when I see those monsters inside of people… My mind often drifts on HOW DID YOU GET SO MESSED UP? 

The slammer is that they often believe that they are alright!  Whew and it’s scary!

Let me also share these few points …As I explained what I experienced last evening.  For one…when there is a strong history of behavioral problems… I don’t think for one minute I will be your whipping post for your insecurities… your MOUTH MIGHT SAY ONE THING…BUT  YOUR ACTIONS SAY ANOTHER!

How be ever… I will be that “turn around point” that I will confront you on your garbage. I don’t allow people to dose me up on their lies and deceit. And honestly I am trying to understand why people think that they will have the exceptional relationship with walking “SNAKES”.

YOUR MUST UNDERSTAND… I wasn’t trained on being received and being adored… this often why lots of people have a difficult time understanding  me. I can’t spend every awaken minute trying to get approval… Love me or Leave me…

I really don’t care!

Ministry is even tougher especially when you are  to the point and tell the truth.  I am not looking for a crowd, money or popularity… I am doing the will of God and that is often misunderstood as well.

Like I said, who cares it’s not all about you! God taught me to separate flesh from the Spirit.  Many  “ride out” on statements like ” God said”, in fact…They say God said, but there has never been any scriptural basis for allowing compromise and ignorance. Which are devils a lot of people ignore!

Forgiveness is necessary   for you to  see growth even in the face of your enemies.  I don’t deceive myself into a fairy tale relationship that this time… you will be “sweeter” That is really a fools way of thinking about.  People are still devils whether you can accept it or not. The forgiveness was all about me!

Non-violence doesn’t mean I have cheeks to turn in fact this is often misunderstood in scripture. It means I wont answer to you the same way  you responded to me yet, I wouldn’t recommend  that I stand there and be beaten to death with your words or your actions…

There is a time to fight…and in the wisdom of God there has NEVER  been a time to be a DOOR MAT!