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In the most difficult times in America’s history no matter what is presented with all the evidence and the proof …there are some people who will be in denial with just about anything. I honestly believe the most sicken feeling in the world is to come to the realization is that it’s all been a lie.  Pride interferes with your better judgment, you are on the “hot seat”… Instead of coming clean …denial whirls because it is the safety net from our personal disasters.

There are some people you can bring the proof and it still wouldn’t matter. How many times have I seen parents with trouble teens and no matter what they tell them their precious monsters still wont be seen.  Situations like this often takes something drastic and even then some love their precious monsters even if they eat them alive!th (28)

When I decided to do this post I wanted to get straight to the point. I think nothing pangs me more than to see any individual who has built everything they know on others and never trusted to God to see them through but instead relied completely on others to build them. People are fickle they will sing your praises today and throw you under a bus tomorrow . If your report was built on what you did for them once the condition is alleviated so will they! Unfortunately many times people build relationships based on conditions.  When they are no longer satisfied… they move on! Simple as that!

The proof of who they are what they are has always been at hand and in your face. Yet, for whatever reason, they seem to cling on what makes them feel comfortable and it’s not the TRUTH.

The pain of confronting and learning the truth  is almost devastating because the denial has been there from day one. Some people share with me all the friends that they have I never bother to comment…Because in actuality they aren’t friends they just mere acquaintances if that.  It’s almost shocking that who they are is really not hidden it’s the other person head that is buried in the sand! 

Sadly, their heads are always stuck in the sand that is why everything ride their backs!  When we cant embrace the truth about who, what and where people are. It sets you up for  dooms day  and the more you are in denial the deeper the pain will be come… 

Yes, it’s often difficult to recover BUT not impossible  after betrayal and heartbreak. I had to learn that when people reveal who they are …believe them.  The sonic boom comes when we get bitten more than twice ignoring what we better accept and prune from our lives!

Denial can be quite dangerous especially for those who suffer with the “ostrich syndrome”. thCLJJO8O4

This life lesson came early for me…If it quacks like a duck it’s not a dog.