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Our BLOG does fairly well considering the subtle attacks… And we thank Jesus and “ONLY” GOD gets all the PRAISES!!!

I personally have a strong relationship with God and its never about my numbers or who likes us…It’s about doing God’s business and being armed with the truth. Whether it’s accepted the blood wont be on my hands! People who don’t give us the “LIKES” … ALL I have to say… Jesus gives us the LOVE BUTTON!  Exposing the messiness isn’t easy but it’s necessary. 

Sadly, we are often misunderstood of who we are and what we stand for… We have been put in a category, and I am not ignorant to that. But as long as I write the truth of God, nothing else really matters!

 father-michael-pfleger_20110317085959_640_480 The honest God’s truth many people have a serious problem with Pastor Pfleger  on many different levels. A white man who lives in a predominately urban arena.   Prejudices of every kind exist even within religion. Too much legalism…in how we serve God… Last time I check it was suppose to be in “SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH”.

Yet, I know that most of the persecution has a lot to do with racism. This white man a Pastor over these “colored” folks. This is what they say and a lot worse! And let me be very clear I don’t minimize racism only to be among whites I have  encountered blacks and brown  being just as  racist.  So, lets remove the color barrier for all the people who have all these hang ups about who did what. All of it is sheer garbage thinking!

FYI… All of God is about the melting pot. The truth,integrity and character and knowing who is the most important. GOD ISN’T THE ONE WITH ALL THE HANG UPS… IT’S OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS!

Unfortunately here in Chicago…as usual it has dwindle down to a vote given a color. No one sticks to the truth of what Chicago needs…it will be about emotions on steroids. It’s always  about race!!

It’s getting more sickening to know it’s about the ballot box being about a color. Lord have mercy on all of us!  Too much hatred is blinding the truth about what really matters. Yes, I do believe the “race card” is often blinded by the truth of the doing the business.

I learned something from the evil and maniacal Adolph Hitler and he wasn’t the one who exactly coined the phrase… If you tell  lie along enough…People often feed themselves a lie because the truth will cut you!

 As a minister I know better to ride these lines… being of a mixed race…And dealing with racism on both sides has never been easy for me.  My heart is very tender in this sensitive area…Because I am still experiencing the same pain that my forefathers experienced and personally only a little bit has changed.

The mindset of an idiot…YOU DON’T LIKE ME ALL BECAUSE… Is this not the dumbest thing to do to the human mind. Feed it…your junk mentality!  There are those who have limited themselves by placing your limited way of thinking about others.  The truth is if  you say you love God and are a BELIEVER IN CHRIST. I should be able to go to any church and be there comfortably, but the truth is …it’s not happening.  If your church doesn’t resemble heaven… you already are at a loss. Going to church doesn’t make you a lover of Christ but it’s about what your “true witness” is.

False witnesses are the perpetrators of Christ. These are often the people who “think” they are the church police witness program interrogators. Often these people have more hidden sins.  We need to really learn to keep it simple and stop complicated God with personal innuendos. God isn’t the authority of confusion.  What can we offer the world when we are segregated all the time and place our little limits on God?  Your church is better than my church. How so when many are “mean” as hell!

We cannot bask in the presences of God or flourish in God with the hatred  and lies are unwelcoming behaviors  that are  in our homes, schools,  churches, communities , work places…

Racism… needs to be address and I know we make people uncomfortable.. Do you think what happened in Oklahoma is coincidental?  This kind of ranting has been going on for centuries! 

Let me also share, “we don’t  race bait ” when someone doesn’t care for someone or use this to take a personal punch to bring someone down!

I have warned that God is exposing a lot of this foolishness you can’t love God adhering to such nonsense and imbecile behavior. Teachers of the gospel don’t limit yourselves with what makes you comfortable or about the parishioners you might lose. Some of them need to be gone!  How dare we sell ourselves out to money and compromise. Who needs to leave it’s time they leave. Hatred has no place in ANY HOUSE OF GOD!

The outrage from the pulpit should be the truth all the time even in our mess ups! God is about love and its’ time we teach the people about loving one another and respecting one’s cultural differences and  dynamics!