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Ides is Latin for “the day before”…comes from the Roman Calendar….which was devised by Romulus.

The Roman Calendar organized its days around three days each served as a reference point  for the other days.

1) Kalends ,first day of the month

2) Nones, the 7th day in March, May, July and October, the 5th in the other months

3) Ides, the 15th Day in May, July, and October, but the 13th in the other months.

The “Ides of March…has at best been described as the death of  Julius Caesar  March 15th, B.C 44. he had been stabbed to death in the Senate. A “Seer” had to come him and warned that he would be attacked during the month of March.

On the way to the theater Caesar poked fun at the “Seer” basically   saying (I am paraphrasing) I am still here…  th4H2AAY5A

But the “Seer” replied  “Aye Caesar  but not gone”.  The “Seer”  (Spurrina) was referred to as haruspex( meaning a person who practices witchcraft and or divination especially by looking at the liver of animals ),the book of Ezekiel 21:21 mentions it.

Was the “Seer” authenticated… I have no idea. She warned him of his death… and he did die.  The problem is often people like categories it suits their comfort zones. If God honestly shows up in the dunamis power… Why do so many so called “ministers of the gospel” fear it? Maybe because they are not “authenticate”?

Think about that… How are so many comfortable doing social church programs but there is no atmosphere for miracles?  DON’T LIE…God is on a timer now days!

God doesn’t operate  in the way people want so, they  give all these rules and regulations and think it’s God’s agenda. When God doesn’t stick to our time frame, clocks and church programs people complain and or get nervous.  Because this is something they have never seen before. The  fruitless churches today don’t see a sign or a wonder… 

Yet, I have learned is that the wise things to do… Is to get out of God’s way with my “beliefs or opinions… aka “religion”… God isn’t in the closet its the ways of man that think they can keep him there…

Our world today is being placed in a state of panic with terrorism…and people with their made up god ventures. All in the name of God but something “evil” comes from them. Even with the false prophets.

False prophets are in pulpits all around this world. They convey what they “think”… God isn’t bipolar…Remember that!  It’s not easy wearing this hat… that is why it takes that much consecration to stay close to the gift giver, so you wont get wrapped up in telling people what they desire to hear! There is nothing worse than a confused prophet(ess). At times the truth can hurt and is terrifying. That word from God helps you get through the storms of life.

When I learn to do research and study history my passion grew even strong learning the what’s and why’s and how it came to be.  When you others with the gift of foresight, it’s difficult for many to grasp. People who want to use their intelligence to figure out a God’s gift doesn’t come off that intelligent to me.

People venture off into psyches. and I am not against them and I will explain why. Some not all do love God but many are shunned because of the gift to see. Churches today read all the time about Prophets and still the belief of them is almost unbelievable, yet many call hotlines and have no idea who they are getting and what they are getting.

Unfortunately, many that claim to ordained and or biblical scholars seem to be afraid of people like myself who have the gift of foresight. I will admit some are a little “spooky” to me.  Many who have the gift to see things are misunderstand and even the person with gift often have to keep quiet.  When people get to lying about being a “Seer” even I stand back and pay attention because the ones that possess the gift will hide because of the stereotyping and the persecution of being labeled a fraud.

Personally, I don’t care. It is what it is. It’s not a joke and when you can see things it’s hard being connected with others who can’t understand the gift. You can’t explain to others all the time what you are experiencing. It’s only when it comes to pass to things happen…Either they will embrace you…or run from you!  Oh yes, a lot of rejection with this calling even among the people who say they know God.

The reality is this… NO church on this planet can survive without the instructions of  “true prophets”.  Many might have the prophetic vocal cords but the Office of a Prophet… NO!

 The gift of foresight isn’t taught in the church and this is why satan can launch many attacks. Without the  supernatural eyes of the church.  The church today is being “marked”… 

Yes, I totally agree, like anything in this world you will have charlatans. A gift that both my parents had. My father, wouldn’t own it, my mother sought help to know what  was…Doctors are always trying to clarify what they think you have. I  had to seek God first and then revelation wisdom and knowledge about the gift flowed freely.

And honestly, no one can actually pin point why others see into the supernatural while others are not quite able to connect with the things of the Spirit. God has to give you wisdom in prayer and through a life of consecration or you will find yourself “pimping yourself and the gift”. 

Sooth Sayers are from a demonic realm. Although many might possess the gift of a Seer”… yet, they will operate in their flesh to what they believe with get the job done and it’s what you want to hear. and often with a nominal fee. Its operating outside of God. It’s easy to get a fan club but God warns of the nonsense. So many who have the gift ar making money instead of really declaring “thus saith the Lord”. 

People can make fun of me… I know what I possess.  When people like myself show up they are no joke. Being in possession of the gift has great benefits with God. I can assure you it can be often times dangerous and a whole lot of being lonely.  You have to tell the truth or the blood is on your hand. 

Whatever “Caesar” made fun of…All we can say in history  is I guess the “Seer” was proven to be accurate!