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Illinois is facing some very serious deficits especially in childcare and after youth programs. Yet, there are those who can afford to  invest and give our youths educational and employment opportunities.  There are those who are frivolous with spending habits and there are those who really care.

Pastor Pfleger needs people who will invest in our youths. I ask every year that we open the doors for more of children to have decent afterschool programs but it takes money. Simple as that. Even if you have some part-time positions to offer our youths every little bit helps to keep then encouraged and off the streets.

I believe just the pain of knowing what is going to happen this year with more financial setbacks and youth programs in our area that serves to be the most troubled. There are some good children who are in need of employment and education so that they can pay for some parts of schooling. There are many of you have internship program with some stipend for them to at least learn a trade.

If parents are already struggling to put their children through school you can only imagine the “bigger” picture when cutbacks and setback are made in your own household and incomes.

Every little bit counts and it is up to us  offset some situations that awaits our youths.   We need some investors in our community.  Even if they are hired to do work around your homes or businesses. We got to keep them encouraged! It’s a very difficult time for us as adults so imagine what our youths are in need of all around the country. I am not just asking for Illinois but we got to step up for our young people!

Feel free to contact Pastor Pfleger or leave a message with his office manager Corey Williams at 773-483-4300.  Regarding financial or educational opportunities for our youths. Lets come and reason together to find applicable solutions to bring change!

Thanks so very much in advance…