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Every time I hear any ministers OR LEADERS… telling lies on God…by  saying God told him or her to go here and do this and do that and neglect your family. It’s all based on what you want to do. I am still quite amazed why any spouse put up with the garbage to begin with.

God doesn’t go against integrity and he is not the home wrecker. Many leaders have gravitated to this erroneous misinterpretation on being led by traditions of men BY NOT BEING AT HOME.  Well isn’t your family apart of God’s work? 

How many marriages  get in trouble with affairs and or money because he or she can’t seem to go home? How many pieces on the side see them more than their family?  How many people came up HIV positive because of philandering?  How many more stories will I have to hear about mistresses sitting on the same row as with the First Lady? I warn don’t marry anyone who has no self control and  roaming eyes!  Your eyes will make a covenant with things God never orchestrated!

I know this is too much!

Why did God have a blueprint in place on what the family should be and many have made excuses for being whores? I have seen other men try to teach our sons how to pick up girls as if this is “rites of passage” in church. The foolishness of what has been passed down as typical behavior in especially the church. Men will be men and I say whores will be whores!

Dipping off isn’t Christian like behavior!

 Yet, many claim that they  are married but wont live married.  You should hear the flip side about how disastrous their family dynamics are.  And people use God as a weapon of mass destruction on the family.  God honors marriage yet, the lie is to rip your family apart doing the will of God.  A LIE!

Out of all the people in the world God wants one particular individual to do it all and  your spouse God had given to you… you neglect. Sounds hypocritical… It is! God has given you a help mate and many of you need all the help you can get. STILL one of the biggest lies to destroy the family is not have one!  A LIE!

One person has God’s permission  to travel the universe and allow your family to fall apart. While many are chipper chasing all in the name of God.  Many and said many use this lie to NOT TO BE AT HOME. As a matter of fact this is actually kick it time and  away from the old ball and chain!  A LIE!

What  I have never bought into and have no future plans of buying into… Is the fact that God called ministers who “neglect” building their own homes and they travel the country as if they are single.

So my question is what kind of Pastor and or leader  build  others when his or her family is neglected?  God said… if you can’t run your house… how are you running his?

 If there is mission work in other countries God can send one to raise another…As if the HOLY SPIRIT is limited to only the United States. And here is when the “big” lies come in. God is universal, so he wants you to be the one and only  that straighten out foreign countries.  Here is a news flash…God can speak anyone’s language!

The biggest insult to the God that I serve is  that if God can speak to Moses and David on the backside of the desert…why is only one person going to every foreign land but WONT GO HOME? 

When you wont go home something else is cooking someplace else! You don’t have to wonder why your children wont bond with you and  negative spirits crept in your house all because you have neglected your responsibility.

Do you have to wonder why so many families of ministers hate the church?  Too many have misrepresented on what the word of God has established.  It’s only for those few stolen moments you realize that you have destroyed everything that is connected to you. Too many set themselves in awkward positions staying away from home.  We all must avoid the temptation and stay away from people who comfort us in time of distress. Just as all of you who need to have time for your spouse or you are waiting for disaster to occur. 

Working closely with people you are attracted to and staying late  working with them will not help your marriage but it sets the atmosphere for trouble to arise. Thinking only for the moment.

Affairs are always exposed…sooner or later! Affairs doesn’t  always have to be with a person but with things! Scandals erupt because a door is left opened even if it’s a crack!

Too many times I have told people to go home because I see the writing on the wall…Bricks and the mortar will stand but your marriage wont.  If they are asking you out for late night dinners and coffee. What you think is happening?

I have seen women in church flirt and flip their tails only to awaken the lust monsters some men struggle with. Married.single or in between…Lusty women know men!

Stop asking God for your spouse to understand  why you do what you do and then you neglect what God has blessed you with . Marriages and families  are under attack. You have to recognize when “seduction” comes pass…other women recognize it. 

People lie on God all the time to continue to do what they want. In  fact it is ones  selfishness that put things to come against your family and your marriage. Yes, God is first with wise instructions. Too many have made this excuse and have come to realize when they have lost everything exactly who was the real lord in their lives…It’s called SELF!