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Joseph, is someone that I can minister quite well about… especially if you have deadly or bully encounters with jealous family members.  Joseph went through some unnecessary things because of sheer hatred and jealousy. And because “Joseph” was favored and special by God and his earthly father. Uninvited trouble came as a result. People will hate you just because and family members are just as deadly  (Read Genesis  Chapters 37-39)

Let me share…  I remember going , for an interview when I was a bit younger where most of my mother’s family lived.  The job was going to mean quite a bit of money, and a move to another town… So, my grandmother’s telephone number was one of my contact phone numbers while I was in town. Well, I got the job… It so happen that I was in the kitchen and the telephone ranged…I heard my grandmother say something that triggered something inside of me.  I knew  that this was God!

I felt that rumbling that something wasn’t right. So I am not one to ignore that inner speaking…  or HOLY SPIRIT

Listen to me… She was supposed to be this “die-hard” Christian who had played some major intricate parts within the church community. She was very well-known! I had over heard her  telling lies to  this man that they he had the wrong number and she didn’t even know who this certain person was. I asked my “grandmother” .  Who was that?…She flat out LIED and in my spirit I knew she was lying to me about many more things…

Yet, that tugging that God gives me to check out what was going on. She forgot to clear the “caller ID”…It was the job I had interviewed with… I was SICK… BECAUSE INSIDE I KNEW…THE TRUTH WAS GOING TO FLOOD ME.  I had gotten the job… but it was given away to the next applicant.

The boss of the company was quite disturbed when he had called… He shared with me everything my “grandmother” had said.  I couldn’t believe what was said to me on the other side of the telephone.  I felt so sick I wanted to vomit because it was at this point. I knew she had been sabotaging me for a long time but I didn’t want to believe she hated me this much… But “oh she did”…  I knew this was that breaking point!

I recalled that evening… when she left, how hard I cried  people could hear me sobbing …They actually thought someone had died… It did…ME!

It was at this point I had to let go of what and who was my family.  I was afraid to alone and I have been ever since. I knew it was time to cut them ALL off. Too many signs I had and I didn’t feel I was really connected to anyone after my “mom’s death so, I hung on to people who didn’t love me. It was really at this point…that t I knew my grandmother was more jealous of me than I thought.  How many times I was too afraid of telling anyone I had some wicked family members? All I knew my family was just “special”…

It was here recently yet, again… a family member had done some despicable things that are too embarrassing to share because the hatefulness of the situation. It was mind-boggling  and very disturbing to everyone who knew about it. 

All I could think about, was the lies, jealousy and hatred that Joseph endured and his “own” blood brothers  threw him down a well to die…and told his father, he was dead. That’s a lot of hate coming out of one family.

 Of course my heart was broken terribly… I honestly knew that this time.  I knew more than ever what my previous experiences had been with betrayal even with so-called family and the ones  pretending to be close to me.  Yes, I was tested… because when you love someone and believe that they love you back … when betrayal comes through them…It can be overwhelming and quite devastating.  I prayed for a praying spirit and I clean heart. Joseph, endured such hatred as well… 

Out of all the injustices that were done to him he had to turn around to feed them and forgive them. Joseph went from the pit to the palace.  My point is sometimes we watch and steer clear of the people who we feel might bring harm to us, ignoring the ones that we call our  brother! Unfortunately are the always the ones that floors us, because their behavior is ignored! We have to exercise better judgment sabotage and lies are often from people we “think” we love and know. Keep your business private… when people get mad they will tell it and add a little bit more. You see, Joseph brothers had enough jealousy inside of them to kill him. What kills anyone is ignoring where the betrayal is coming from! Yes, hard choices have to be made. The inner circle might mean that family  member being at a distance!  Who needs the proof when you see the “odd” negative behavior inside of the. Wicked people aren’t that selective…

God gives us a clear and concise picture just how deep evil can run even if its’ who we  call family. Just think about this although, Joseph forgave his brothers…