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As I begin to mature in ministry. I found out for myself about being abased or abound. I understood being apart of the Have’s and the Have Not’s. My life growing up was somewhat difficult but I always had nice things. God took care of me.

Yet, it was in those times I grew and I matured. Some people are growing but not maturing. Meaning they may have a general understanding of what  something is but in actuality are not mature enough to grasp what has been taught or the lesson to be learned to flourish in it. In other words you can see people who are grown  physically but  mentally they can’t seem to grasp reasons and wisdom…still fail to mature. 

I  have lived in the gorgeous areas and I have lived in the not so good areas. It all depends on what God has assigned for the person to do. In real ministry …God will teach you how to adapt and thrive in any arena. Often what is so terribly misunderstood about ministry is that we are supposed to be in these comfort zones 24/7. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that! Many want to be “superstars” in the pulpit while their family dynamics fall apart. No to mention they “claim” they are taking care of God’s business and they  themselves are train wrecks!

So ,when the bottom falls out so does what they believed in…their  money and their fake gods!

Personally , since I have been in ministry I thank God for  Dr. Creflo and Taffi Dollar were instrumental in a season of my life and   growing in another capacity in ministry . No matter what you get from each person who has mentored you. I know to separate  facts from fiction, and truth from fantasy. We have too many of these leaders into idols!

There are always things that I ask God about no matter how much I respect you or that  I like you. These are still human beings with flaws. I have never been a member of a lot of churches only a few in a my lifetime.  We were taught early the danger in church hopping but I also know the danger when you got to make a move to the next level, and are not growing where you are at. It’s so easy to stay in a place that requires nothing of you but allow individuals to incubate in their spiritual feces! That’s  why some churches today are fueled on emotions and possess no power or authority in God!

 Just like anything else in our lives when you begin to mature God doesn’t hold you captive to being a member of anyone’s place of worship. The instability as I have seen is almost astounding at best if I describe it.

I have said this many, many times… I watch the fruit of people who say one thing but do another and you  will see the mindset of the environment that something is wrong! The real agenda shows up when hard work and diligence is involved. Some people love to show up just to say “I was there” … but God knows different.  Want to see the show offs and the opportunists…they always want to be seen, just like the Pharisee!  In the marketplace to sell one’s snake oil… It’s never about God’s Kingdom that they build… their is an hidden agenda …and its’ about self!

And it’s time to take the spiritual assessments with God not a privy survey on paper.  Too much cotton candy in the church, and coddling.  God requires something from all of us and his covenant comes with us  has conditions. This is what we call gospel truth!

Today, being politically correct and breastfeeding the nonsense all in the Name of God. What a waste of time for yourself and God when time is wasting on you not dying to your flesh! You might as well stay at home!

For example, when I lived in Chicago, I saw the detriment of the filthy blocks in Chicago. I didn’t start a campaign on how to clean up. I came each day and lived the example and pretty soon. People begin come out and do their properties. I would walk more than my block I was around other people’s’ homes cleaning up.   And hear this some of the same people who were critical about this and that never doing their parts.  You don’t have to be this brilliant scholar to know people do a lot of fronting but it’s was genuinely done with a clean heart the pleases God.  I know God can do many things globally without leaving your house in the day of technology. 

I believe that all God’s people should prosper!  However, I am certainly someone who believes that we need our own businesses, doctors, attorneys, transportation. grocery stores, banks, This never captures the minds of most Believers…. THY KINGDOM COME!  Very few are KINGDOM MINDED…Too many of  God’s people believe too low about the life changers the church is supposed to be. Yet, it suffers and long for worldly greed. We are suppose to have our own airports and means of transportation outside of the world’s system. This kind of thinking “rocks” the church because this requires the God in you to show up and not perpetrate!

 That is why too many are suffocating at the hands of the  government and must function they way they want you to function.

Do, I believe in Pastors having their own planes?… Yes, if they pay for it themselves!  I know that God isn’t sending one person all over the world as if the HOLY SPIRIT can’t speak to others in their country.

Who started this crap?

I have no idea where this “fleshly” idea is coming from. Never and I mean never, have I seen  so much dysfunctions coming out of the preacher’s houses like today! I make them go home! God has never told just one of us to rip apart the very fiber and standards he is building by allowing you to be your “own legend” in your own minds!  The Holy Spirit is very powerful, and we are seeing less and less servant of God… and more play in the name of God!

We have made a total mess of church and what God sincerely requires. All temples are not about God but a place to have intricate, flow of cash, popularity, entourages and greed!  I am embarrassed at the shenanigans done in church.  Today it’s really difficult to measure or see the difference in the church from the world.

The church is in serious trouble… too much waste physically as well as spiritually!  We are needed of some spiritual make overs and it’s not with buying more  material things and glorifying sanctuaries…and pumped up on church competitions!

Look around then neighborhoods of many mega churches.  The people are hurting and almost starving. Selfish behavior is running a muck in the Name of God and just look at what 65 million dollars could do for this country alone with just the needy and educational programs?

That’s why I have actually pleaded for us to come together and reason to save our people. Too many chiefs and very little Indians. Everyone wants to be a star without the scars of the journey!

 Yes, the Kingdom  need private  planes to be leased to do our missions and after that… Get it yourself and stop bringing people along  to co-sign  on  the madness about all these private crusades and conferences.  All they have to do is open up their own bibles!  

The only thing I need a Lear Jet  for …is to put all of the “egos” on to drop them off!