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The beginning of Christian martyrdom didn’t start in Indiana.  I am for whatever power you think you need to bring to the to the table even if you brings, a color! Next!

th (30)64 A.D.  Nero, and governments of Rome,  burned Christians for entertainment. Nero was a master for manipulation and playing not that he mastered the game… He was merely disillusioned with himself and decided Christian would divert the attention of his foolish act of burning Rome. Rome had a fire almost 7 days based on this numb-skull who was trying to cover up his messiness!

And because of his “Mental Illness”  and yes, bigotry and racism is a very sick disease of the heart and mind. Nero did the unthinkable.  But listen he, thought about it! You see, he had this good idea too, when it went wrong he had to blame someone.

Nero had to diffuse his mess so killing Christians became the sport of Rome! Christians were rounded up and when I say horrible deaths they were burned alive, nailed to crosses, and they were the behinds of wild breast and dragged to death…

 Lets speak truth to power!

You know I sense impending danger when people get to themselves and makes up laws as they go. I see subtle way of pushing discrimination and some other few crazy suggestions. I am a Christian but this thing is starting to get dangerous all over again! Remember so-called “Christians” were hanging black people for a luncheon event , no more than the games of Rome.

Whatever my interpretation of what anyone expresses… in this manner. The ignorance on all of those who went along with re-capture senseless stupidity. MONEY IS GREEN…And on that money might be other sins you can never trace but it spends.  So, if sins are now based on who you sleep with there would be no spending at all. If this isn’t nuts I wanted us to remember Mr. Nero. He was the poster child the abyss and what the thought was a clever idea. YEAH RIGHT! 

Indiana, is where the birth of the “Klan started. Did anyone think that just maybe we are still dealing with the remnants of racial injustices.This means if anyone starts to gets a distaste for you… they can come up with a law that can ban you easily and they call it RELIGIOUS FREEDOM!

Honestly, who really knows how “gay” someone is nor more than to know how “straight” someone is. We always seem to get these poster children for “JESUS” only to see exactly where they really are in their stance.

And unfortunately we got some people going along on who they could  be service.  If it is gay people today, who is next tomorrow! Yes, I understand “exactly” what the Indiana Governor did and he  believed that he was protecting “people” of his same like mind their religious beliefs.

My issue is… this wasn’t well that  thought out whether  his intentions are good, bad or indifferent.  I love God but I know how neurotic people can get if you offend “their” religious beliefs.   We have all fallen short of something and its  scary that “religious”  people love  to believe that God has a certain people that he loves all because they follow rules and regulations. Arguably they never seem to get an understanding of his LOVE.  Yet, I know that God advocates forgiveness and love to ALL OF US!

The danger is we are tittering on laws that affect all human civil rights.  I think its time we “wake up” because aggressively we are seeing more disrespect toward people they feel isn’t worthy of service. Christians have no business jumping in this arena. How hypocritical… Our country today deal with international terrorist…killing people for the sake of what they believe even if its murder.  As a Christian where is the act of love and kindness towards anyone despite overall Christian beliefs.

What if the next laws we can service you if you have allegories? It sounds simple and not that serious to some.

 You covered the heterosexual people who don’t want to be bothered with gay folks. But the downside of what you offered was open season on people who choose to live a different lifestyle but my question is there will be more foolishness of this nature. It might be a business here or there …then there will be stronger repercussions!