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The shortest Lunar Eclipse in CENTURY and HISTORY.  The shortest Lunar Eclipse, since  October 17, 1529 and also the first TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN  1.262 years.

This will be the third of the 4th Lunar tetrad. For all who don’t believe  for all my history buffs and prophetic scholars…get to work!

A lot of meat along with the potatoes when we study the timelines of what has happen before, during and after  the time of Christ. Many fail to recognized that these moons are not simply coincidental… Prophetic Signs from God.( Read Exodus  Chapter 23 and Leviticus Chapter 25)

In the  bible,  the SHEMITAH, MEANS ( the sabbatical year  starts at the beginning of seventh year of the agricultural cycle) the  people of Israel were instructed to first let the land lie fallow, every seven years, on the very last  day and the last year of the Shemitah,  they were to  perform a releasing of  debt. (Deuteronomy Chapter 15)

In which today many  “still”  don’t understand God’s way of economics of especially sowing and reaping.  Which is something I cannot explain in its entirety.  Just do your homework! This thing will draw you in. God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge!

Prophetically people are still in a slumber when it comes to getting deeper into the supernatural things of God in which too many FEAR! Fearing God should only be in a from of reverencing him. Including myself are still in a spiritual deficit when it comes to things we are missing in God.

How can one understand unless he or she understands their history and the basic dynamics of moving in the Will of God? I remind people …too many are loving their fruitless religions and cannot enjoy and reap relationships which will catapult the Kingdom Of God…  there is  too much lack of  understanding. I honestly wish I could share more… 

The ignorance is that prophets, prophetic, prophecy isn’t  coincidental! All these dates and patterns will ring prophetic biblical history and understanding. 

All because one haven’t  heard of these events or prophetic signs  doesn’t mean it’s not happening. There will be some changes in the universe worldwide before the end of the Shemitah which is in September 2015… the very last moon.

Interesting yes, biblically yes, prophetically absolutely! Please and I warn study and educate yourselves on  the things of God!