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th (6)One of my favorite male artist was the late great Marvin Gaye. ( Marvin Penz Gaye Jr.) Born April 2, 1939. Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Composer.  The son of  a preacher from the Washington D.C. District of Columbia  area all of his artistry started in the workings of the church.

My personal assessment of Marvin Gaye was of this. Even when I listen to him as a teenager  I could always sense that inner struggle between God and himself. Coming out of what was a described as a difficult home with strict religious Hebrew and Pentecostalism upbringing.

I have always taken  personal interest in Marvin Gaye to recognize his gift of song to the world. Although he had such a troublesome past… he continued breaking barriers in the music industry from Jazz to Rhythm and Blues. I today have some of his material that was given to me from a friend in Scotland. Uncut and never published music. Which are some wonderful romantic ballads which I play today called “my dinner music”.

Before there was Neo-Soul we has King of Neo-Soul. He moved to Detroit and became apart of the Motown after leaving his group the Moonglows… playing drums as session musician. Gaye’s, music soared after coming apart of Motown desiring to do Jazz and no love for R&B.  His career grew in leaps and bounds in writing music for Motown.

I enjoyed his smooth romantic ballads and the way he delivered his signature sound and there has surely been no other. Yet, I see the modern-day Pied Piper aka  Chicago’s R Kelly who reminds me so much of Marvin Gaye. Who I also like and  similar in sound.thBKX3GITK

Even in my day Marvin Gaye consistently push the envelopes with sexual content… and on the B side he was revolutionary and push the sound of the  movement and the cries of  troubled and all the social ills in  America and the hardship against the people of color .

I have personally always written something about Marvin Gaye,  during his birthday in which it  rides close on the day of  his death… He died on April 1, 1984 tragically at the age  of 44, being shot by his own father over a domestic dispute.  Marvin Gaye left before his time and he is someone I continue to remember he formed the sound of many musical genre today!

I miss the wonderful ballads that remind me of being passionate about love and just miss him!