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Yes, I am still in love with the old black and white shows and movies. One of my favorite  was the 1959 cop show…”The Untouchables” with Robert Stack as Elliot Ness…It all starts when Elliot Ness  is on the hunt to bring crime lord, Al Capone operations down. There was nothing that Al Capone didn’t do. 

Yet, I  saw how many of the actors who were young and got featured roles playing in the gangsters versus the cops. The violence was very much perfumed. But we never mentioned just how “ugly” it was then up until now.  In all honestly, the controversy was here before I was born and I am a in my first stages of being a AARP member. 

thAl Capone aka “Scarface”… was born from an Italian immigrant family, January   17, 1899 . From the streets of Brooklyn, New York to becoming the leader in the Chicago Mafia during Prohibition.

Please don’t think for one minute he grew up in this broken home .  Capone, came from a very respectable family with a good upbringing. Where it went wrong,, I bet many overlooked his mischievousness as just being a boy! They say it was the violence he saw as a child in his lack of schooling  and the “brutal” Catholic setting that set his monsters in motion! And to my understanding he had a lot of potential of being a great student. He hit a teacher at the age of 14, and he was expelled.  thMAEBPC7M

It is at this point…today we turn and look the other way when bad behavior simply goes into denial and ignored. I  have never believe that anyone just became violent or troubled overnight it was a slow progression that parents and others deem to look away from.

However, it fester into many things.  What I see in Chicago today is nothing more than a slow progression of “excuses” made. Our people have been hindered by the masses yet, many have succumb to a certain mentality what is the better level of receiving criminals.

 It is our fault because being without or whatever is missing is no excuse for being less than a human being and indulging in a life of crime.  Tyrone is harsh reality, while Al Capone is more accepting way of being  well dressed criminal.  Chicago is strange in  embraces a lot of perception more so,  than a  reality.

No, I don’t want you living next to me…regardless of what your ethnicity is if you are a criminal.  Ignorance is ignorance. I have seen so many issues we need to rant and rave about but we fail to address what the root of our problems really are.  What I can’t understand is why are we as  whole are still  in this  comatose  state about our current realities? There is a recipe of disaster when people can’t seem to get a grip into what they might have given birth to.

 How many times we ignore that a Spirit of murder resides in Chicago? Generational traps breed and leads but no one wants to deal with how we need to cut the head off of  this dragon. What are we to do to destroy not break ? Break means it can come back together… I said… “destroy” the cycle of abuses among ourselves.  One of the biggest enemies today is the man in “mirror”… anyone can argue what Chicago has a label for … everyone has a story it depends on where you live that Chicago might be great. 

I lived in an  area… where we average at least one black male with a bullet hole to his head on a regular basis.  It wasn’t my neighbors who had Block Club  signs and stickers and all  I saw the neighborhood were parties. Very few were interested in rescue and recovery.   Nothing more and nothing less…  I was told even by certain officers I was the only who seem to have the guts to call.  Most of my neighbors  wouldn’t even call the police they would ask as if they didn’t see a thing. 

I had then earned the  reputation for standing up to the rogues who destroyed your properties. The police has rapport with me. d I stood all everything under 5’3’… I had to fight for the blocks to keep it safe and clean of debris physically and mentally. Yes, I would physically alone would go down for blocks cleaning up and the people thought I was nuts.

Absolutely the same doing nothing…Just like I see today, the constant complainers are the ones who wont even participate on the watches to rid of the crime.  They refuse to talk but and  are the poster child for what is right in our communities. Too often I would get some radical seniors but that is as far as it went. And I was disgusted and ready to move out of that part of Chicago! 

There were no activists coming near my block were someone brains were blown out… I was the prayer warrior and activist! Yes, my blocks improved because I was breathing life back into dead zones. The sad truth is after I left, so did the life. There we were no cameras and people posted up behind the dignitaries. Where I lived required  and was too threatening.

I watched how small children were walking themselves to the same schools and looked afraid. Their nerves were bad. I am not talking teenagers…Elementary ages. I would get up very early to make sure those small children got to schools. Many times I cried from my window at the lack of concern.I was angry… Many wonder why I stay out of these so called community meetings. I saw a bunch of crap.

 It’s funny  that some of the schools  were on the closing list.  I understood the real reason why many of them lost funding . Lazy and unconcern  parents. Some of them were upset about school closings it means they have to get up to parent again! Tat is why my mouth is shut on many issues… I saw the craziness for myself for years!

I actually made it my business to communicate  with  people all the time and including all the gang members  who would stop by to play with my dog.  My dog and my skills in Horticulture and  was  my conduit for open dialogue with just how bad it was in certain parts of Chicago.

I wasn’t in denial about the problems and  the violence was  very stressful. Although my blocks then consisted of hardworking people. All  it took was just a few knuckle heads that turned the block into a war zone! Excuses were forever being made because they knew so and so… and in turn I saw the violence was quietly accepted!

One can talk the smack but it is when you are in the trenches of what I saw for myself. Chicago, is where I am originally from.  I am not a outsider!  Who originated the mess? But the organize chaos has to end with us.

Al Capone made millions … Tyrone isn’t making millions but he is accumulating more tax payers dollar incarcerating people like him. Al Capone had his pay offs even after being convicted. Tyrone in fact will have opportunities to get his life back on track but wont seize them because all he know is the thug life.  Even if we wanted to change life will happen and people are not going to forgive him of his past. Al Capone, would kill to make his way accepted. 

People are too afraid to go against the grain when it comes to what we need to deal with as a whole. The fragments of what happened yesterday has end results to this very second. 

The difference in Al Capone and Tyrone…was simply…there styles of being a criminal.  We should have  learned from yesterday of what the real challenges are going to be.  The fruitlessness of our labor has come to absolutely nothing but a bunch of excuses. Ending the violence still remains within our personal households. 

Economics, Education or Unemployment is still no reason not to value human life or indulge in a life of crime. We are not educating our own, and the lack of parenting if off the meter.  There is no magic formula for us to rid of what has apparently been accepted within the black and brown communities.  Violence has been glamorize in the media with many it’s what’s  happening in the homes today!  It’s so easy to get into trouble but much difficult to get out and be forgiven for what you use to be.

The root Chicago in violence  has always been examined has a considerably amount of history of being the place to dance with the devil in the pale moon light. There is no one on this planet than can change the image of Chicago. When can  all work together to make this a  pleasant reality and stop giving people the  war zone perception!