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The words express are that of Writer65 and not  of Pastor Dr. Michael Louis Pfleger.

I am a very quiet person in nature, but I am blessed with another level of eyesight that only God can give you. When something has to be said I don’t have to wimp out or ride out tom foolery.  I don’t offer my opinions just like my appendages they belong only to me therefore they are not necessary. The truth is more important than anything!

I am not afraid to go toe to toe with what “Chicago” calls the greater elect or best talking heads and supreme liars.  I have nothing to lose.  At end of the day, my name is very important along with my character and integrity.

I don’t have to sell my soul to devil nor get between the sheets with people. Dumb down to be seen… or get in anyone’s pocket. My occupation isn’t a smoother fur operator and a tail kisser. I am not offended when people look over my blog based on Pastor Pfleger’s face or he being Roman Catholic. Don’t think I don’t get opposition based on he being a  Catholic, white man  and living in Urban atmosphere.  Everyone can’t take my straight forwardness. So, in turn I am not for you… I am no-nonsense!   I am not for sale… I am who…I am.

When you are truth tellers many people will hate you and or turn on you because what you bring life the sword of the truth it will cut on either side.  No matter  what denial in merely  a block and hinders progress. Some people refuse to deal with the truth for some it might take days or few years but for some it rides out on a life time.

I don’t infringe my love for Christ on anyone… It is my witness that people would come to know,, My mouth can say anything it is when the church doors are locked and I am on a highway near you. The real person  is revealed!

Often times I ask God what good are cameras because there are some will find fault and see no wrong no matter what is  given before them.  It’s  not what I pretend to be when everyone isn’t looking it’s what I know that is rotten inside of you. 

Some of us  know the dirt and seen the dirt but wont rock the boat because it might alert the bigger monsters in Chicago.  The fault finders/complainers/ double minded/  and the split tongues.  It all depends on what they are getting out of it.

You want to see some cut-throat, and some low down people opportunists… try some of the fake activism. No wonder the community is ignored … Lets be honest, you see very little community interest.  Half of these so-called activist in Chicago have angles. Which angle is what you have figure out.  Some sell-outs might stand behind the police department. 

Yet, I give heads up to  Chicago Police Department Supt. Garry McCarthy to  proceed with even more caution. All activists are not created equal. Remember they appear quiet they undercover dividers and  rebel- rousers. Keep looking  and if  cameras and big wigs are available they are posted up like corner store  hustlers.

Personally, I have no axes to grind, Ministerial I have an obligation to get the blood off of my hands . No matter who you are …  the truth is on my watch and apart of my watch… I am to share not what I think but  the truth and what I have experienced in GAME. You see, everyone isn’t up for sale!  THERE ARE PEOPLE CHICAGO ISN’T AWARE OF HEROIC ACTIVISM. They are not trying to make a name for themselves but they love Chicago and the  community undernourished … THEY OPT OUT ON THE CIRCUSES AND THE SIDE SHOWS FOR POSITIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES.  We see the foolishness and folly to chase the money and or  the popularity.  I pray that all of us get what the real assignments are AND LEARN TO UNIFY! 

Getting in front of a camera isn’t that hard for me if  I choose to take that route. I got a few good camera shots left. Honestly, I have no problem staying out of the lime and lemon lights. I have seen people who started out with great intentions… Next thing you, know they have forgotten what brought them to this place in the first place. I agree some are better served in front of the camera but we see the suckers that fall victim to being popular. You’ve seen the dissipation of the mission being aborted with the thirst to be well-known. Being articulate helps and also, knowing when, I should open my mouth should be . Check your hearts and with some it’s personal!

I have longed stopped trying to convince the people to separate fickle  human emotions with what the truth really is. What is so amazing is the lack of balance when it comes to just simple reasoning. 

Christ had his critics. Mr Spike Lee had set a firestorm in motion in Chicago based on what? Some people believe that are in a war zone. This might not apply to every Chicago residents it depends on where your reside. Stamping labels on the city I doubt it. Bring in all the talking heads with their mental health assessments. Unless you live in the life of “safe passage” be careful of saying that Mr. Lee’s movie will minimize Chicago.  Al Capone and other none gangsters even in the  questionable politicians who rode on the back of the impoverished people of color.

There are no gang wars in the Loop…Yet? I love Chicago I was born here and I a come from a very large family on both my parent’s side. Chicago is Mecca that has survive even the most degrading storms.  Every day the media is posting statistics, every murders and nothing is wrong with that … What seems a little hypocritical it’s called freedom of speech until Mr. Lee had selective interviews.

Let’s cut Mr. Lee some slack. We have no idea on how he is going to  do his spin on Chicago. Chi-Raq was a term I had gotten hood educated on when a I purchased a very good painting by a Local Artists. The term has been around for a minute. It was then I had to get a grip on how some Chicagoans see Chicago.

Whether Spike Lee… use the term OR NOT … I am almost sure he will add tactful information  along with the film . If there will be film? I am detecting that  the real root of some of  the critics…might be jealousy? What money, hello there is no film as of yet? Wisely the best assessment might be seeing the film and Spike Lee sharing what the film will be about.  . What stigma Chicago can’t live down? Before there was stop the violence… Violent  Chicago had well dressed criminals…called mobsters.  Mr. Lee just might put the fears to rest and get the assistant we need to exposed the problems and Chicago might be the conduit for  all urban settings.  Until there is gripe… please find a legitimate one!

Mr. Lee is a genius in Cinematography . What I believe to be a very well-educated,  a thought provokes and a lover of Social Justice…. He has always been one who presents the truth in raw form, I expect nothing  less!  And no I am not on the payroll, neither am I trying to break out in show business. I am just someone is genuinely concerned about well-being of all of God’s people. You can try to present another side to the truth and trust me they will have something to say.  Chicago is my home base and skip stereotypes but we must be honest. Nothing pangs us more than the invisible thugs and troublemakers for truth tellers of justice! 

Chicago is also known as the Windy City for the corruption and long-winded liars of politics but even without the politicians there is still Lots, lots and … Lots of wind!