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There is a book that was written by Author and Journalist Jason A. Michael … He did a biography about the late great Phyllis Hyman… And because the book is out of print but on different websites for the listing  price starting at  $90.00 to going price of over $200.0005-150x150

His plea was to keep the music, memories and her story alive.  I read this letter he did for her fans.  He felt as if  he let us down…th (26)

Phyllis Hyman had a  difficult childhood, her battle with unstable relationships,  her addiction to  drugs and alcohol, the  deceptions of the music industry. and  rumors that she dealing with the mental illness…Bi-polarth (29)

I decided that regardless of who writes about her and I pray someone does her life story. Her legacy will  remain forever in the music industry….and come alive through us.