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The  prophetic warning about being a fool from the Queen Of Soul…1967 song Chain Of Fools… And I quote thTU87PTL6

For five long years , I thought you were my man… I found out I was just a link in our chain.

You got me where you want me  I “ain’t nothing but your fool you treated me mean you treated me cruel. 

Every chain has got a weak link , I might be weak but I will give you strength. You told “me” to leave you alone My father said to come on home. My Doctor said take it easy because your lovin is much too strong…I am added to your chain, chain…chain of fools… 

One of these mornings the chain is going to break but up until  the day, I am going to take all that I can take.

And I say…What a shame. She would rather be with someone who will disown her at any given moment.  

Unless you have experienced this… it might be quick to ask what was Aretha on? The same thing that some people ride out  on. Being a fool! 

A fool is someone silly or stupid person who lacks judgment or sense. Yet, in the plea of the song… she will hang on until the man rejects her. Wow… He had already rejected because she had no value by being added as a fool.  His history was right there but She took the moments of never being anything to him… BUT A FOOL. Remember everyone had given her sound advice to leave.

When you don’t have any self-esteem and  or character you will go along with just about anything! I see the chain of fools today in this country!  Do what doesn’t require much and play it safe!

We see the injustices everywhere in this country but we are very much still selective on when, what and why we protest. It’s easy to ride out on what the world is keeping in our face with police brutality and rightly so.

There are other things many still wont  touch or have the courage to speak out against…unless they get confirmation from the masses and play it safe. Until it happens to them then most will get the need to speak up. 


The spirit of a fool is to know something and do  NOTHING knowing that any day it will be exposed and  you will be at a loss.