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On yesterday, I was alerted by  the NOT GUILTY  verdict of 22-year-old, Rekia Boyd shot by Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin… No, one can perfumed this funk on this  MURKY STORY. Please don’t insults us with these lame rebuttals!

 “Innocent until proven guilty” And this applies to whom?  Certain people are targeted to be found guilty automatically. Systematically,nothing has changed when it comes to positive policing. We insult the citizens in this country with this load of crap. 

Yes, I have had my shared of bad encounters with insensitive rogue and racists cops…or the ones who might have power tripping issues. Too many Barney Fife’s on the police agencies in this country.

 The bad attitudes didn’t just limit themselves to Chicago. There are still areas that prejudices and racial exists and people fear the police. Something is wrong when people don’t trust the police? It’s really situation like this that sends the people into uproar! The abuse of power and authority. God knows I have seen the corruption in many areas of policing. Don’t let the officer be domestically inclined that is just ignored all together.  NO ONE CAN RESPECT… CRUEL POLICE TACTICS.  th (37)

I am personally tired of anyone in authority who seem have different rules and abused that position!

My posts are not limited to sharing how dirty some of these police officers are. 

I  can recall when I wanted to be Police Officer, I can thank God he spared me the upset because I would have to tell it!  Unfortunately and yet again…I was outraged at the nonchalant attitude of this loss of life.  What kind of heart beats in the chest of any individual who takes a life and feels absolutely nothing? This level of shooting and ask question later is just shocking especially when you are the one authorized to have a gun? Where is the sensitivity training ?

Undoubtedly too many  power trip when given a uniform and a gun what could have been resolved in another manner. An unarmed young person, shot by someone who clears his training of being a police officer.  And because media often times can give certain tidbits I am careful of not putting the cart before the horse.

 I am more assured than ever that the system isn’t working when it comes to abuse of power and their cover-ups. I am appalled at anyone in Chicago or  anyplace else who can’t hit the steps of FEDERAL JUSTICE system for the local tackiness in law.  I don’t want to hear all the talking if no plan has been implemented in place. 

I can remember a corrupt suburban law agency hooked up with a roguish towing company. Towing cars, stealing and charging astronomically fees to get them back. My license plates were stolen… I reported to the craziness even to the State Of Illinois and its been  almost 15 years later the FEDs are investigated them including the Mayor!  And somehow  I am “still” responsible for the theft on their corrupted watches?  Needless to say, I have experienced the downside of some corrupt systems even in ministry today!

How are so many of these wicked  people in positions and of authority   gets a “free”  pass when obviously they abused the  systems.  In scripture police officers are supposed to be in ministry of law.(Romans 13) Every police agency must be held accountable whether it’s the East Coast to Chicago.  The criminal justice system sucks on every level. I am not trying to be politically correct or that spiritual. When we need to enforce a better system to ensure our children and family members are not lying dead in the streets over a jacked up technicality.

My heart tank to see the little regard for human life with some of these rogue officers.  I understand you might have a badge but I am very disenchanted with the twisting  of the truth along with the facts. 

Why would a police officer have a gun without registration? And there should be a level of accountability … even if you are off duty. Sadly, we hear these stories and often they are dismissed because of the pseudo wholesomeness because of the what we are suppose tor respect.  I was born in Chicago, but I was raised outside of Chicago because even then my mother disliked the abused system to get complete fairness. Let me share having mixed children wasn’t always ideal in Chicago back then. Now I that I am middle age…. We have keep our people out of areas that are still the deadliest… and teach our children the protocol of dealing with  trigger happy cops. Chicago has a problem with being labeled…. but how can they be avoided when injustices are staring you right in the face and our people lie in pools of blood with riddled and questionable bullets in their bodies. challenged.

Common sense…If your police training ain’t working, your super flawed States Attorney’s Office is just embarrassing to say the least…God help us there!  Judges that have questionable methods when rendering sentences and rocking the laws!

Chicago, who  has lightly touch the surfaces of mere protesting and getting in front of  a camera!  Social media already has this covered, there has to be a shift in the atmosphere that this country can respect.  A thousand marching and protesting and the body counts still gets higher. Sadly, there is always the expectation that all the camera hogs will be in the camera posted up…and it will die down with limited results! And business as  usual! If you think they know this is a regular diet of Chicago…stop and think? Numbers always hit the streets but anyone with some common sense…. will recount every last protest in this country they have  their rebuttals systematically when you go home and forget Rekia Boyd…. Just like Trayvon Martin.  Community Amnesia always sets in except for the ones  who live with the pain in their chest and nausea in their bellies!

Yet, we refuse to upgrade the ante and people get easily offended when we say it’s time to change strategies! Marching wont implement changes in the policies and  laws.  It  will take strategic plans  to annihilate the flawed justice system… with cataracts …. Why do the people  continues to sit and not bulldozed the jacked up” Justice System”? Shame on you!