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Everything isn’t as complex and complicated as people make it out to be… It’s the responses!  You know people can suck up the feel good stories in their lives and become so detached from reality that it comes off mental. This is a form of abuse that no one likes to talk about. Being an enabler of warped behavior!

And I think that is just absolutely wonderful when we have great stories to share.  I think what is absolutely takes me there…Is when I see people who see the truth, know the truth, and will grasp perception. In other words…

Little Johnnie is a thief and has always been  a thief, …. caught on camera stealing apples at 7. Here comes the horrible parent rebuttal. “They must have done something to Little Johnnie”.

Okay…in their mindset of entrapment… their response to everything leave it alone it will die down, it will all work out. Sadly, it never does…

Little Johnnie finally ends up behind bars.  The horrible parent rebuttal. They set him up. Everyone hates my son… Finally, Little Johnnie has gotten some breaks to rebuild his life…only to find out he is not only stealing again…He has robbed and killed you!

I see this kind of craziness on a regular  and this just sends me over the moon! You have to ask “what’s wrong with you?

You have all the clear signs  that” Little Johnnie” is jacked up but the frame up for poor decision-making and not being honest as a parent on human beings ruins them! Pruning and correcting is something God does. Why so many people have to be enabled blows me!

Here is a reality… we go to know when we are embracing some ill behaviors and co-signing on it!  And blood will be apart of your hands. Children that have issues are not going to go away all because “you” decide discipline and structure…should be foot loose and fancy free…I have heard the stupidity…I allowing them to be themselves…I agree to a point.

But here is why so people need to not have children, or lead people. They are too weak to  make the necessary changes to provoke spiritual and emotional growth… Well, Little Johnnie will hate me…So what?  But he will “respect” you for being honest!

No  matter what kind of truth is represented someone  will criticize or rationalize with it! Some people in their fantasies have to fall off the cliff. They can’t handle too much of the truth. Some actually die in their lies and blurred lines of dealing with the truth.

People can’t handle if you break up their happy homes with REALITY…and I am not speaking about some of these messy Reality Shows…it’s scripted and it’s all about money.  I can’t pump and prime the people with the nonsense.

th (42) Lassie,( a very fictional dog story)  is a real good story but someone might have a perspective that you haven’t seen about cute Lassie. I want to feel good all over but I prefer going to bed with the right “GODLY” conscience.

I honestly think it’s sad that no matter how much truth is presented people have a way trying to put their spin on it. It is, what it is people! Denial is just dangerous. Sooner or later the twins will meet. And it depends on how much fantasy you have lived your life on. We cannot protect our families and our lives built on absolutely nothing but LIES!   

I know you can remember… but I have to CHALLENGE YOU TO  ask what exactly do you remember? Was it all lies or was it the façade of knowing exactly what the truth really is? Your world is still limited if you are absent of the truth, some people can bring in the most honest people, with a video and there still will be DENIAL!

When you ignore the truth you are training your inner man or spirit man to become to the breeding ground to all deceptions to embrace more lies and  be less confrontational when you have to challenge the bad!