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People call me “odd” and funny acting… because I refuse to eat everywhere  and allow everyone to give me what they  have prepared. And because I am very much conscious of what goes in my food. Being prepared as healthy as possible.  Personally, I try to limit myself to restaurant foods.

I pray over what I prepare and give others and . I don’t eat at ANY different homemade functions because I have had  several bouts with food poisoning. I was terribly ill every time I had it.

I am very particular about  who gives me food or drink.  I have been places and I will bring my own water to drink . I don’t trust people giving me in certain arenas giving me things that goes in my mouth, like aspirin and things of the nature.thLI0HU2ZA

 Today,  we afraid to offend anyone …

I just say “No Thank You”!

We have to be very careful with our eating habits even if they are at restaurants.  I don’t participate in open food courts, food buffets they are dangerous and open season to be poisonous by not just by food handling but by people who desire to you see you poisoned. 

Keep the Crosse Pointe Free Will Baptist Church in Lancaster, Ohio in your prayers… the Church had a luncheon were the food was contaminated some kind of way… 50 to 60 people attended this luncheon… A woman has died already  and 23 others has  taken ill.