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You got to know when someone doesn’t give two dimes about you. How can you tell? SELFISHNESS and the level of respect for being with you…IF YOU ARE NEVER CONSIDERED… WHAT EXACTLY CAN YOU INVEST IN.

Move on!

Even when someone has the verbal abuse thing going on before marriage.


If you have no self-worth… you will be dogged out for sure. It’s amazing when people say they love you but all the action is one-sided. They do all the things to hurt you but tell God how much they love you…Wrong!  I wont even touch being a liar…Self Explanatory!

People actually marry for the wrong things and it end up the wrong way. There are some deal breakers even in marriage. There is no covenant for getting beat up by your spouse with his or her actions or their mouths.

There is no way you should be entertaining anyone that is already placing you last… I  me, WILL DOMINATE AND OVERRULE US!

Some spouses don’t even respect  or value their mates enough  protect them  YET, THEY ADORE SHEER CONTROL. 

Forget marrying  Mr. Lusty… no self-control drool at every butt and boob. Leave him!

Don’t bother with any who can’t seem get his eye control together. First sign there will be trouble. Some of them do the eye lean as if you can’t see the eyes roaming… Not marriage material…

He shows disrespect immediately which only leads to heart-break of more disrespect.  Women are the same way… If she is too hot in the tail…trust me you can’t wife it up! Will always have something on the side including a rash or some other medical crisis!

There are times when some people are just no good for you.  God doesn’t send losers and or abusers. The lies even the church buy into.  You  don’t need a counseling when you can’t see out of your eyes.  You need a lawyer!

The controlling can be masterfully done right in your face… If someone loves you there should be no doubt that they really do. You should know the love not wonder about it!

It’s not healthy spiritually, physically, or emotionally to be with anyone who tears the house down with their own hands. God calls them foolish! Any relationship takes time to build. If neglect is present now… it will show up later. Don’t go into a marriage of this illusion of grandeur… Marriage is for mature people.

You are not going to change people. Negative behavior before even more will show up later.  Abuse of any kind is dangerous! Know the signs that it’s time to move forward, or make the final decisions that will bring peace and progression… Not pain and more regrets!