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I am always  a little shaken when someone who has been a victim or trying to get out of a domestic violence situations. Many people try to get help. Either kill or be killed, that is truly how most domestic violence situations end. Whether one is escaped being physically unharmed might one thing but emotionally… the scars will remain.

Last night in  Chicago South Shore,  th (44) Mechelle Lewis, 28 was brutally murdered in front of her children. My heart was gripped with anger and sadness. What effect will this have on her children?  The  sadness in the pit of my stomach to know that the right person could have loved her.  When I saw that no one could console her father. Another senseless act of  gun violence.

You can’t imagine the emotional trauma that they already experienced with her murderer and former boyfriend.  Many reasons why some stay, and difficult reasons when they find out it’s time to leave. When someone shows you who they are… believe them! You can’t change the behavior but you can change who you allow to love on you! 

Abuse of any kind is about control. The power to de-humanize who you are!  Regardless of what decision easily one makes to allow the monsters to come in. I know it will be difficult to get them  out even if it means killing you! To hear the wail of death, is still so very painful regardless of any age the victim might be.

Pray for her children, her family, friends and loved ones!