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These are  the top ten  questions  people love to ask the  church and it’s leadership…

1) Where are all of these sly, slick and the  wicked people are coming from and don’t seen to be discouraged but encouraged to reign in terror on the pews and pulpits? 

2) Why is the Pastors’  spouse, family or those on their staff  seem to be most wicked and difficult to get along with?

3) Why are the people of integrity, whistle blowers, prayer and truth  shunned in the church but certain cliques of the church get away with so much, and  all  rules don’t seem to apply?

4) Why are the truth tellers, anointed, most gifted are often  left on the bench and never affirmed by the pastors or leaders today?

5)Why do we have to pray  when mess and criminal activities  is exposed inside our places of worship instead of confrontation or be the first to press criminal charges?

6) Why should we listen and respect any leadership when there is evidence of hypocrisy and or a double life? 

7) Why is so hard to hear God and very easy to gossip…yet, the church is getting more and more scripted and wont allow the Spirit of God to flow  and the flesh to die?

8)Why is nothing ever done when leaders are caught doing ungodly criminal acts and the church remains silent?

9) Why are there so many interpretation of bible when there is only ONE GOD?

10) Why are so many in church claiming to be ministers of the gospel and bona-fide liars and deceivers?

The real answer to all of these questions are not that difficult to answer but might proven to be hard if all trash leads back to you.  I will answer these questions all in the same …

Your enemies always see and sense the anointing of God.  Watch this… If you notice that troublemakers and hell raisers are loyal in their craftiness. They can reside in the pews and pulpit for years until the  Spirit of Jehu arises. ( Apostolic Anointing that destroyed  Jezebel II King 9 )  If there is a mutual agreement, in wickedness they will be best friends until mission is accomplished. And then  return to backbiting and backstabbing each other.

All manners of evil are subject to the devil they serve. People get bent out of  shapes when you call out the trouble and or expose some horrible things in church. As if the devil isn’t ruling!  It’s easy to post up and front like their will be some results for the better and watching the deception of all kinds on the rise.

It’s get spiritually spooky then!  The foolish rebuttal is that we… pray about it, ignore it…and  it will die down! Only to realize they have gain more momentum!

You’d be surprise at how satan tries to quench the spirit of God even in people who claims to be ministers. When the God in you show up so, will the demonic activity that governs them will rise up! Spiritual abuse is nothing new but often hard to accept. Making people out of gods wont get you closer to God.

We have to pay attention on who, what, why are how satan lives vicariously through those who love being deceivers or being deceived. The real danger is when we ignore what God is  showing the warning that it is time… seek refuge even if the enemy (inner) me inside of you or near you! Satan loves going to church that is why so many who truly loves God don’t care about a church building! 

The misconception is that people often equate principalities,and rulers in high place in some dark corner . The truth is  that high places might be your home or your place of worship. Please realize the biggest deception that more and more ministers are not even Christians let alone act like Christ.

Wake up, deceptions comes in many different forms and people are often in church because they their guards down believing that they can’t be harm when in fact, spiritual abuse is more prevalent than ever! When God is either witnessed or shows up watch the cruelty of others that is on display hate is almost pouring out of their hearts. No one needs to distrust what is apparently resides inside of them. The church has game faces.. don’t fall for that love of Jesus thing… It never works!!!!

Especially when  “greater is he that is in me than the devil that  rules you!  No one  should have to wonder what kind of Jesus you have if whether you are a Believer in Christ. Before you answer…  Ask yourself how much of Christ is really shown to others in my attitude as well as my actions?  That will shut down all the lies and mental rhetoric that carnal people truly have!