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First I am unapologetic about being  a lover of Christ. I have clearly expressed to anyone who has a problems with what our Blog expresses. Some people over read into things with the wrong heart and all because they have no understanding of who I am… I don’t have to explain myself… It’s always clear who likes to instigate or debate which I can hold my own on either side. When I come across someone who is absolutely beyond being reasonable. I might my share of critics that is why I wont allow you to post foolishness.  I am not a novice when it comes to dealing with negative behaviors in mere mortals. There is always someone who understands but would prefer to make it a misunderstanding. That’s not my problem!

When we say that we are Christians…meaning that we  as Christians need to cut out the lip service and go into action this isn’t some kind of religious debate. Whether you believe in God or not.  You can help someone!  This Blog wont make a lot of noise when it comes to nonsense…But I will BOLD about individuals who loves to leave trash on my doorstep. What is even more troubling is that some people love for the devil to  make a fool out of them. If hatred is your thing…go for what you feel might be best.

Go somewhere with the foolishness because I don’t entertain it. There are things I wont dignify with responses because I already know the spirit in which you come in. I am to the point and I wont sugar coat my response. You want political correctness you “ain’t” going to get it here.  BUT I HOSE YOU DOWN WITH GODLY WISDOM AND TRUTH…

 I am not about how many read but I am about who grasp the truth not as I know but the way God expresses it.  Neither am I intimidated when people are just full of  hate.

When you come off cruel and too mean… you don’t  stand a chance here. I express the love of God take it or leave it. If I have reached one… I have reached millions. Some people look for a fight… I can give you one but let me remind you… The fight is fixed and your arms are no match for the God in me!

For all of you, who loathe God, I feel for you and I pray for you and others please GROW UP! There is nothing more frightening than seeing an adult in a high chair! It’s called arrested development!