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My heart goes out to the family  of Freddie Gray, Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake and the city of Baltimore. They all have to  has to deal with the aftermath of rebelliousness of  rioting, after the funeral of Freddie Gray  who allegedly  died in the hands of the Baltimore Police Department. 

After watching I am angry and outraged that people still believe in destroying their own community to express their feelings. I am very concerned for people who believe that they have to loot and abuse their own city to get a message across. What messages are they conveying   with arson, abusing, and looting? This is not how we resolve any issues at any given moment! If poverty and struggle is already problematic. Think about when you tear down what is already left to build the city. th (65)

Regardless of their lack of articulations there is no reason  instigate more violence.  Yes, we need necessary protesting but to absolutely destroy property, and create the anarchy communities I am simply appalled!

 Most of the people in the street are doing things just out of sheer rebellion. I can guarantee that  many of them are throwing rocks are not in empowered with a voters registration card. A planned attack on your own community… I have to commend the 150 leaders who met with the gangs to cease the violence.

The ignorance and the foolishness mentality  of believing you are in right standing for tearing up because of the oppression. After it’s all said and done what has been resolved  with rioting?

All the jaw jacking in the world isn’t going to bring unity!  Sadly, you have even more problems Freddie Gray is still dead and  nothing else has been accomplished or established but your communities are destroyed… from the scars of rebellion!