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Is this not the truth?…thTE8YBC0M

Crickets are cold-blooded and will take on the temperature of their surroundings and are omnivorous scavengers they tend to feed on decaying plant material, fungi. Crickets are parasitic just like flies!

Here is the mind blower crickets eat their won kind. Crickets have a this method of luring its’ prey with the mating signal… called stridulation. Normally only “one” male chirps but hear this but not uncommon with the FEMALE…It chirps by rubbing his legs together…

There are 4 types of Cricket songs….th (67)

1) The calling songs attract  females  and repels other males…FAIRLY LOUD

2) The courting songs when a female is near and it’s a Quiet.

3)The aggressive songs is when chemoreceptors on their antennas detects another male  that is near.

4)The copulatory songs is  produced for a short time after mating .


People don’t realize that certain crickets will bite humans and they have sharp teeth.

Crickets in comparison to the haters make a lot of noise, talks a lot of smack… but can’t ever put their money where their mouth is…Isn’t it funny how they keep “Chirping”  behind your back but the minute they are confronted you wont hear a word!