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I have shared this story in ministry a lot because we are seriously face with this onslaught of people with evil intent that can be  often ignored as just frivolous behavior. There is great danger when one ignore the odd behaviors that is coming in church today.

Let me be first to tell you a lot of assistance is needed dealing with people who have been allowed to disruptive actions  and interrupt with demonic outbursts!  Why the church can’t come to grips with reality is beyond me.  I don’t have to be therapist to discern when someone is missing a beat! I don’t need to pray about it…We need to address the issues!

We almost need Ushers to give out psychotropic medication on every pew as necessary!

As a teenager soon as my mom got off of work on Friday’s  I would have to come to grandmother’s house to go choir rehearsal and to church.

Well, on one particular Friday, my mother told me she would drop me off on this particular Saturday, to introduce me to one of my cousin’s that would be staying with my grandmother for a little while. For the oddest reasons, my mother wanted to see my inner actions with her cousin. I was introduced and they said she was a Christian woman. I took one look at her and I told my mother I am uncomfortable with her. I told my mother her mental health isn’t good. I didn’t want to sleep in the same room with her and I told my grandmother there is something off about her behavior.

The response…. Oh well, she is a little odd but she is harmless. she is a Christian woman who loves God and so on. I didn’t care how much she loved God she was disturbed.

 I told my mother something is off and I want to go home.  My mother said it’s going to be alright let’s do this trial run and then if you are not comfortable I will have see what she can do. 


I woke up  lying next  to my aunt…Who looked at me as if she was  afraid….My cousin Angie was under the bed collecting and stripping paper bags and rolling her hair with paper. Talking to someone who neither one of us could see.  Oh my GOD!!! I sat up in the bed and I looked at her. 

I watched her practically all night!  I was exhausted going to Sunday School the next day… I shared my horrible night when my mother came after church to take me home. I knew I wasn’t coming back to my grandmother’s house until she gets rid  of the ‘creepy cousin” . It hit the fan!

My cousin Angie started doing more bizarre things, so my mother’s other sister tried to intervene. Angie snapped! 

One situation led to another. It wasn’t long before Angie got be too much and my grandmother had to let her go!

After being put out…My cousin Angie tried to murder someone with a pair of scissors by stabbing them repeatedly in the back… She was charged with attempted murder! Last they shared is that the family knew of her history to be violent but kept it a secret. I have no idea why we would like to pretend someone isn’t mentally imbalanced!

Many fear of offending  someone but I am quick to let you know … when someone who has issues makes me uncomfortable.  The tally is getting higher in the church!  Too much is let go and in all honestly people need some kind of security and sensitivity training when the “creepy” cousins sit on the pews.

It just doesn’t stop here!

The deception is when we don’t acknowledge that something is indecent sitting among us. There is threat and we should take precautions! I don’t dismiss craziness even in church. Sadly, we are subject to the devils in the church more actively seeking God. You have to stay on guard than most now days! 

The foolishness of believing that threats  can’t quickly turn into danger!  We have no idea or anyone’s intentions when the time bomb will go off in their heads but I wont be ignoring that the bomb is ticking!

I have no idea why people try to pretend that they are comfortable sitting next to someone who gives you the creeps! OH SWEET GOD… It has gotten so out of control and people would like to pretend that all of this is normal…but it’s not!

Too many of them may not be diagnosed with any mental illness yet, you can sense that they are on something! But you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to know when someone gives them a bad vibe. How can you really concentrate or be safe when we are living the days of watching people more than ever? God might be in the building but we better exercise better judgment when too many of them are drawn to the church and don’t mind murdering! 

They are in the workplace and you sense that they are off…and the unthinkable happens! This is happening too frequently everywhere missing the signs! Some people might not give a sign but there is something off…that the church continues to ignore. Ignoring someone who is off wont make them less off. There has to be some sensible checks and balances when many of us are subject to unnecessary evil. Whether someone doesn’t bother anyone there behavior must be monitored!