DEUTERONOMY 28:7  The LORD…WILL GRANT THAT YOUR ENEMIES WHO RISE UP AGAINST YOU BE DEFEATED… they will come in one direction but will have to flee in SEVEN WAYS…

If I had just a nickel  in my life time for my victories God has given me  of just having a humble heart and outsmarting  the enemies in my life… There is no number!

And when I write this post today, it brings me great joy because some people didn’t live to see just how much grand God has given me over the years. Nonetheless it doesn’t mean new devils, weapons , or others  plotting deception as I write are not forming against me. My heart is tender base on the dog breath individuals who worked at nothing to stop me from being the cream of the crop… God had to train me on some of the vile people on the planet. He allowed me to maturity on the backs of the backstabbers!

MY EXPERIENCE… I had been praying in secret about some private matters  about some wicked things were being set in motion. I didn’t need the proof. I had sensed something was more off than ever!

I asked God to expose all the lies… and I refuse to go another season dealing with it.

I had placed  that demand on heaven!  I came back early this past Saturday, I had to the urgency to go back home.  Without giving away all of the putrid details… I caught what I suspected finally after years of being faced with it…. There was betrayal upfront and in my face.  I had to breathe  that I hurt anyone because I was furious!

… I dropped everything I had in my hands and because I didn’t need an explanation of why because I knew it was going on. It was now a painful reality , no words were necessary!  The enemy was cold busted! …  I looked at  my  family member in the face I knew the betrayal cut me so deep…What could they do? I caught them red-handed I knew I had to severe some ties at this point. Of course my heart was heavy but God is given me the strength to execute on how to shake the dust off of my feet.

I brag on God right here… I was exceptional in everything  no matter how people tried to hide me or place me in their pits. Betrayal is difficult to deal with but not impossible. Enemies can sometimes camouflage themselves to be your “angels of light”.

I was always faced with haters even in my own family. When you have a ” strong prophetic calling” the attacks are relentless at times… People will be jealous and hate on you because they are not you and they see your gifts ! These attacks made me stronger and bolder than ever! I have to

 Regardless of  someone devising some kind of way of not letting me in … or trying to cut off the hand of God…YOU CAN’T!

God has a season that I rise like the PHOENIX… (the Firebird) that I AM!

No matter where you placed me I soared… You can’t hide God’s power! I have people who knew better but decided it’s best I “crush” her now.  I am a living witness he will make your enemies your footstool!   I have been in the oddest places and God’s give me favor. I don’t have to kiss tail, and smooth fur. I step back and see the hand of God move all the time.  Oh yeah! At times while you are waiting they are hating! When my season to arrive you can’t stop it… You can’t curse what is already blessed. I steer clear of rebellion and jealous individuals. All shapes and sizes and all ages!  Through it all… I am arriving into God’s own. I don’t have to seek revenge. I pray for those who hurt, maim or abuse me…especially when I am sent by God… I think the ultimate hurt is when people know that someone is participating in things they shouldn’t… and betrayed me with their silence in speech and actions.

There are those who have exceptional gifts with talent. Often times  people are  overlooked  because of not having trained eyes, and the right spirit.  Jealousy is a culprit and main root why some love to keep their  foot on the necks.  And all they need is a little exposure for them get noticed!  I see this all the time…The background isn’t a bad place. We are not always given our    due with man but with God.  The best positions in this world is when you can lie low until God raise you up in front of your enemies!   I learned so very early how to wait my turn I don’t have to manipulate favor it’s granted with ease… Because it’s in this place… I know God is saying….NOW!